Wearable Art using The Crafter’s Workshop Stencils

Hello Creatives!

Design Team member, Keri Sallee, here and if you are like me, you are in beginning of the seemingly never ending cycle of small people complaining “I’m bored!” (hello summer!)

I am always looking for ways to keep my kiddos occupied without electronics, so when a friend was coming over and said “Hey we’re going to bring some stuff to tie-dye.” I was all for it! When she got there, she had a nontraditional tie-dye: instead of soaking the shirts, this dye was in a sprayable form by SEI called Tumble Dye. I instantly thought….STENCILS!

Here is one of the shirts I made:


To make my feathers different colors, I used the 12 x 12 “4 Feathers” stencil….Feather2

….and used scraps of paper to isolate 1 feather at a time.

FullSizeRender 4

I then cleaned my stencil and repeated the process, this time flipping my stencil over so that my feather curved the opposite way:

FullSizeRender 3

For the words, I used the 12 x 12 “Word Association” Stencil (again…using scrap paper to isolate the word I wanted):


Here’s another fun shirt I made using the same techniques and the 12 x 12 “Butterfly Collage” Stencil:

TCW554ButterflyCollage IMG_9919

I also quickly made this one for my friend’s 2 year old using a SUPER old TCW stencil:

FullSizeRender 1 FullSizeRender 2

As you can see, it’s as easy as laying the stencil down and spraying a variety of SEI Tumble Dye colors through your stencil.

Once I was done, my stencil looked like this:


To save all that awesomeness, I gently laid a paper towel over it to absorb the color and capture the negative image. I’m saving it for another project!

And just to show you how easy it it…here is a picture I snapped of my hubby gettin’ his stencil on!


I hope you enjoyed today’s project and it’s one more boredom-killer in your summer arsenal.

Until Next time!


Keri Sallee

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team

Watercolor Cards with Shanna

Hello to you all today. Shanna here with a fun share. I love making cards that are fun and simple. Which is exactly what I have here today.


I love this watercolor technique and thought I would share it with you.


First step is to pick your stencil and I pounced my ink pads on the the stencil.


Then I spritzed the stencil with water.


Then I put my stencil on my watercolor paper, and with a paper towel I pressed the stencil into the paper.


Then I let it dry. Doesn’t that look great?

For my card here I used the stencil Stepping Stones TCW506S with the watercolor technique. I used some different colors of red and pink Distress Ink.


Once that was dry I used the stencil Mini Word Association TCW527S with some black acrylic paint to sponge in Happy.


The second card I used the stencil Mini Kaleidoscope TCW347S for the background and some blue shades of Distress Ink.


Then I thought it would be nice to have something underneath my stamped image. I got this idea to trace out the stencil Accented Star TCW2055 and cut it out. Then I used some Distress Ink with the stencil Mini Believe Script TCW541S on top of the star.


Once again, I used the stencil Mini Word Association TCW527S again with black acrylic paint to sponge in Dream. These cards are great to give to anyone.



Thanks so much for stopping by today.


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Happy to use photographs with stencils!

 ANOTHER art journal page of 18 x 25 centimeters.
I added some art journaling after taking these photographs of the page.
I chose to use one of my many photographs to go with this beautiful stencil!
Art Journal Artofthe5th week17 colors inks (6)****

A step by step photo tutorial:  Art Journal Artofthe5th week17 colors inks (1) Adhere some strips of tissue wrap to the page.
Paint it with some watered down gesso.
Leave to dry very properly, before advancing to the next step!

Art Journal Artofthe5th week17 colors inks (2)Sponge with green distress ink over the stencil, and heat emboss with clear embossing.
Sprinkle some red brusho powder onto the page, and mist with water.
LOVE the magic!

Art Journal Artofthe5th week17 colors inks (3)Leave to dry.

Art Journal Artofthe5th week17 colors inks (4)Sponge 3 different flowers from the same stencil, at the back of a separate piece of cardstock..
and fussy cut it… an easy way to create your own embellishments!
Cover the front side of the flowers with a thick layer of gesso,
and dry with a heat gun, for the gesso to create bubbles.
That adds some texture to the flowers. Art Journal Artofthe5th week17 colors inks (5)

Art Journal Artofthe5th week17 colors inks (6)
Assemble it all to your page.

Art Journal Artofthe5th week17 colors inks (7) I chose to keep the amount of  embellishments to a minimum, to have the beautiful background to jump.

Art Journal Artofthe5th week17 colors inks (8)
Here you can see the bubbles in the gesso.
Love that tiny bit of texture.

I only realize now I haven’t used any stamps on this page, LOL.

Ellie Knol
 member of the ‘The Crafter’s Workshop’ Design Team 


TCW stencil used:

TCW524 Tatting 12×12

stencil chalkboard faces…

Hi there,  today I wanted to share with you a project I made for one of my girls. I decide to make some mini chalkboards as she loves to draw. I also think its a great way to free there mines of all the digi gadgets. It’s also great opportunity to sit with her talk about how was your day. Plus I adore drawing with her and we make funny faces at times with crazy hair etc… it always allows for plenty of laughter.

Here’s a picture of what I used:

cheap hardboards

chalkboard paint

chalkbord liquid pen


the crafters stencil: 6 x 6 doodling templates many mini faces

TCW project june 28 aStep 1: Paint your board with chalkboard paint a few times. Make sure each coat fully dry in between coatsTCW project june 28 b

Step 2: Place stencil on board, using the liquid pen trace face on to painted board. remove stencil and allow to dry for a few minutes.

TCW project june 28 cTCW project june 28 dStep 3: Hand the boards and some colored chalk to the kids and allow there imagination to add hairstyles , hats, earrings, makeup etc.

TCW project june 28 f TCW project june 28 e TCW project june 28 gA simply activity for the young ones.  The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for popping by and I hope you were inspire to create something for a little one.


Leeann Pearce… Design Team Member for “The Crafters Workshop”

Hanging Mobiles

Hello everyone, Jen Lashua here to show you this fun and fast way to create a simple hanging mobile.

I decided to find a creative craft that could utilize all my children’s broken crayons. This is a perfect way to make some fun, vibrant art!



Supplies you will need:


Step 1:  Creating Crayon Shavings

Place your wax paper on table. Make sure you have enough wax-paper to fold over the crayon shavings, so there is a bottom layer and a top layer of wax-paper.

Remove all paper from your crayons, sharpen crayons over your wax-paper, creating lots of shavings. This step does take some time, but well worth the effort. You will want a mixture of vibrant colors.

crayon shavings

 Step 2:

Preheat your iron to low, once you have enough shavings, fold the top layer of the wax-paper over your shavings, lightly iron until crayon shavings are melted.

Fold over the top layer of wax-paper, as seen here:

step 3 folding wax paper over

Ironing the crayon shavings:


Melted shavings

melteld crayon

Close up melted crayon

Close up of the melted crayon shavings, I love how this looks!

Step 3: Tracing and outlining your stencils on wax-paper.

Laying stencil over your melted wax-paper, trace the shape of the stencils with a sharpie or marker.

Here I used stencil, TCW 2075 Hot Air Balloon.

Tracing stencil

Here is the feather from stencil, TCW 526 Fly Away

Tracing stencil 2


Here is the stencil layout with the feather portion of  TCW 526 Fly AwayAccented Star Bits stencil TCW 2055 and  TCW 2075 Hot Air Balloon 

Step 4: Cutting out your designs with scissors.

Cutting images out

The assembly of cut out designs:

Images traced and cut

Step 5:  Use a paper punch to create a hole in each cut out, then thread through with hemp twine or string.

Threading your cut outs.


Close up of feathers:

finished up close feather 3

finished feather

finsihed up close feather

Pictured here is Accented Star Bits stencil TCW 2055 and  TCW 2075 Hot Air Balloon stenciled cut outs.

Close up balloon + Stars

up close

I then attached the strings to a stick, place them wherever you think looks best. At the end of the stick, I decided to finish it off by adding some acorn tops. These were applied with my hot glue gun.

gluing acorn tops

Placing a dab of hot glue inside each acorn top.


Securing the acorn top to the end of the stick with glue inside.

Final piece


Hope you enjoyed this!


 2015 The Crafter’s Workshop Design team.