Mail art postcards

A conversation with a friend about pen pals prompted me to think about sending out some actual mail to a few friends and family just to let them know I was thinking about them.

Mail Art Postcards using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #mailart #stencils #mixedmediaIn this age of electronic mail, it is always nice to receive a physical reminder that you are thought of and mail art postcards are quick and fun to make!

Mail Art Postcards using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #mailart #stencils #mixedmediaHere are the supplies I used:

  • Watercolor postcards
  • Watercolors and a small brush
  • Baby wipes
  • Doodling markers and pens
  • Acrylic paint and makeup sponges
  • A couple spray inks
  • Modeling paste
  • Handmade stamps + letter stamps and black ink pad
  • Words from magazines and glue stick
  • A variety of stencils

Mail Art Postcards using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #mailart #stencils #mixedmediaI started all the postcards by randomly adding watercolors to all of them with a baby wipe. This is a quick way to lay down a background.

Mail Art Postcards using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #mailart #stencils #mixedmediaI then chose a stencil for each card to create a feature element. The stencils used above were the the Graffitti Bit, the Painted Cat Bit, the Circled Face Bit and the Radar Remnant.

Mail Art Postcards using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #mailart #stencils #mixedmediaI also used the Family Bit, the Sequin Waste Bit and the 6×6 Tatting stencil. For some of the postcards I sprayed through the stencils, some I added modeling paste, and some I added paint with a makeup sponge.

Mail Art Postcards using stencils from The Crafter's Workshop • #mailart #stencils #mixedmediaI then had some fun with my markers and pens, and finished off the postcards with a phrase of some kind that I have been collecting from magazines. Now to pick the recipients of some fun mail art postcards!

Thanks for joining me today!


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

One Stencil for Big Impact

Hi there and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here in the U.S.!  With the feeling of gratitude in the air, I made this quick layout using only one large stencil.  I love using lots of layers, different media and over embellishing, but wanted this page to be about the story.

story_TCW_Nov 2015 final

I used the stencil below in 12×12, but there is also a 6×6 one.  I thought this stencil would be great to bring focus to the photo in the middle and to be able to use the lines as a loose guide for my journaling.


I started with just a plain piece of white cardstock and some gold mist.

story_TCW_Nov 2015 (12)

I chose the gold because it looked great with the photo and also to symbolize my children being the treasure in my life.  Cheesy, maybe…but true!

story_TCW_Nov 2015 (19)

After the mist dried I trimmed my photo.  I had actually created it in the shape of a circle using Photoshop which helped me trim it more carefully.

story_TCW_Nov 2015 (21)

I also added this glitter word phrase sticker, stitching it down to secure it in alignment of the curve of the stencil.story_TCW_Nov 2015 (30)

I loosely planned out the length of my journaling, so I would know how small to write, adjusting at the end of each line.  It worked out pretty perfectly.

story_TCW_Nov 2015 (28)

I added some lime green thread that was sitting on my desk in a messy ball under the photo before adhering it down.  The color matched the sea oats in the photo and I can’t help using something that is just sitting around waiting for the ideal place to be used!

story_TCW_Nov 2015 final

Sometimes one stencil can make a big impact and help give an important story an awesome background!  Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

You can follow the links below to the stencils I used.


TCW553 – 12×12 Stone Rings

Be sure to share your stencil creations on our Facebook page or by tagging The Crafter’s Workshop on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest!

Jenni Calma

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

Stencil + Paste + Ink = FUN

Hello its Leeann here today! And I’m sharing how I made this scrapbook page. This page was quick to whip up. Sometimes I like to keep things clean and simple when creating backgrounds. I find when I only use a couple of mediums my pages stay flat and I’m not also waiting hours for things to dry. I also like to show the design of the stencil! For some crazy reason it excites me!


To start with I use a Modeling paste and swipe it on to the Sunburst stencil. Then peel the stencil away and allow to dry.


Once dry cut a 4.5inch strip of the stenciled Kraft and machine stitch to white card stock base. Next used the woven stencil and lightly spray ink on it away from your base. Pick up the sprayed woven stencil and stamp the design onto the white card stock base. Allow to dry.


Once all the mediums are dry add some watercolour spills and flicks to begin the two side together. Add some random stamping with using stamps and also stencils. Once happy with the finished background,  finish your page off by adding your photos and embellishments.


Here are a couple of detailed shots…



I hope you enjoyed today and were inspired to get creative and show off what stencil designs you love!


Leeann PearceThe Crafters Workshop

December Mixed Media Album Cover

Welcome back! This is Rachel Kleinman again sharing some more holiday inspiration on this beautiful Thanksgiving week!

Two years ago I created a little mixed media December album. I still have it displayed in my studio and really enjoyed making it, so I thought I should get started on one for 2015!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a tutorial video, so what better time than now! I have the entire process of my cover, and some tips on putting together the album itself in this video.

If you’re having trouble loading the video, you can watch it on youtube directly here


I plan on posting some more about the inside pages soon! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Rachel Kleinman

blog / youtube

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

The Crafter’s Workshop Certified Educator

Stencils used:

TCW 518s – Evergreens

TCW 557s – Lace

TCW 2068 – 2015 Fragment

Handmade Holiday Table Tags

Hello everyone, it’s Jen here. Since the holidays are fast approaching and with Thanksgiving here in the US. I decided to create some handmade holiday table tags to jazz up the table while having a personal touch for each guest!


Supplies needed:


  • Paper:  I used this metallic paper from “Bazzill Basics Paper” in Rose
  • Whipped Spackle
  • Palette knife
  • Pine cones
  • Optional : spray paint for pine cones I used metallic gold & metallic sliver
  • Scissor or paper cutter
  • White pen
  • Stencils: TCW 563 Tuscan Wall & TCW 560 Hex Flowers

Step 1:

Cut your paper into strips then cut again in half to create your tag.

Step 1 cutiing paper into strips

Step 2 : Placing stencil over the paper and with your palette knife apply the whipped spackle.

I choose to stencil two corners of the tag while leaving the center open to write a person’s name.

Step 2 stenciling

I love the three dimensional effect the whip spackle gives!

Step 2 detail

Step 2 more detail

I used portion of both the stencils on the outer edges of each tag.


Close up shot


You’ll want to let these dry to ensure everything sets before moving to the next step.


After creating these tags I thought it would be fun to add a card holder with something from outside! I  gathered some small pine cones from our trees. I love the natural color of these, but was feeling called to try out my metallic spray paints!

Please make sure if you are using spray paint, you do it in a well ventilated area or better yet outside!

Step 3: Painting your pine cones!

put your pine cones on newspaper and get your shine on!

You may also want to wear gloves, as the spray paint can get a bit messy. I also found that you’ll need to flip each side over of your pine cone and give it a coat. Allow to dry.


Step 5: Personalizing your name tags.

I wrote each guests name in a white gel pen and it worked really well on the metallic paper.



Step 6: Setting up your table tags

Place each tag inside your pine cone holder!



Hope you all enjoy this.

Best Wishes for Happy Thanksgiving.

Jen 2015 Crafter’s Workshop Design Team