Colorful Christmas Card!

Hello beautiful creatives, Tammy (aka Tambarambaa) here to share my latest artsy creation. This time, I’m getting ready for Christmas with a handmade card.

For those of you who know my style, you know it’s all about color, so I decided to create a card in non-traditional Christmas colors. I went with my bright style instead and absolutely love the result!

christmas card with bright colors and white snowflakes and silver merry christmas

TCW provided me with some amazing goodies to play with, but the art and opinions are mine.

Isn’t it so fun! It just makes me smile.

The best part? The stencils by The Crafter’s Workshop make it super easy!! You see they have these new layering stencils and you do not have to think at all!! You can just totally lose yourself in the process. So relaxing!!

So let’s get started….. gather your supplies.

gather your supplies - stencil and mediums

I began by grabbing a sheet of TCW9051 Watercolor Paper – I turned it over to use the smoother side and trimmed off one third to create the card on.

I began to add create the background of color, by adding acrylic paint to the background, I just used my fingers to spread and blend. I used yellow, pink and aqua.

I then began adding texture by using a variety of stencils.

Firstly, I used stencil TCW975 Random Bubbles and applied pink paint through this stencil with a make-up sponge. I tend to work right next to the pink patches that are already there. This prevents your background looking like a hot mess, it gives it some calm.

I then repeated this process using the stripes, the triangles and the crosses from stencil TCW539 patterns – such a handy stencil when it comes to backgrounds! I changed color with each pattern, using the colors I had already selected. I did add a touch of green and purple though.

applying paint to the background and then adding lots of layers by sponging paint through stencils

What a gorgeous background!! I trimmed a little of the short and long side.

the background in colors pink, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple

I then grabbed one of the amazing layer stencils TCW6009 Merry Snowflakes layered – it has three rectangular pieces marked and each of these fit perfectly onto the card. So clever!

I placed down the first snowflake section, and swiped TCW9086 Pearl White Stardust Butter over the top using a palette knife. Dry before moving to the next layer.

adding pearl white butter to layer 1

Next I overlay the stencil on the next third and grabbed TCW9004 Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste, swiping it over the snowflakes.

I love the shimmery white and the stark white layers. So cool.

adding light and fluffy modeling paste for step 2

Once dry, move to the final third of the stencil, line up the border and this time I applied TCW9049 Tacky when Dry Gel Medium, again with a palette knife.

adding tacky when dry gel medium over the merry christmas part of the stencil

Allow this to dry (it will become clear when dry, but will remain slightly sticky). At this point, I grabbed a sheet of TCW9101 Platinum Silver Foil Transfer Sheets, and pressed it onto the ‘Merry Christmas’ with the shiny side upwards.

once dry rub silver foil over the merry christmas and lift up for amazing results

When you peel it off, you get this gorgeous shiny result!!

If any patches were missed, you can just go back and rub the transfer sheet over that area.

the finished card full of color and white and silver accents

Now it’s time to find the remainder of the watercolor paper, and fold this in half to create a card. Then stick on your card and you are done!!

I love the mix of bright colors, mixed with the white and silver accents!

bright and colorful Christmas card  created with a layering stencil

That’s it from me today. I’ll be back again really soon.

Until then, have a beautiful and colorful Christmas and thankyou for all your support this year.

I will be back in 2023!!

Love Tam (aka Tambarambaa) – TCW Design Team Member

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