Art Journal Page to welcome 2023!

Hi creative souls!

Happy New Year!! Tammy here (aka Tambarambaa) and may 2023 be a year that brings you joy!

The beginning of a new year makes me reflect. That time between Christmas and New Year, and the few days after New Years day, when you have no clue what day it is…. well on those days I always find myself reflecting on the year that was, and thinking about what I want to nurture for the new year. Letting go and welcoming.

This always is reflected in my art journal. I thought I’d share one of these with you today…..

art journal page with 6 hearts filled with color with a black background. Documenting what I am welcoming for the new year

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with but the art and the opinions are solely mine.

This is a page in a junk journal I made out of scraps of paper. It’s perfect for exploring and playing so really gets a workout at this time of the year. I love the different sized papers/pages and how layers peek through. See those little pink hearts that are showing? How serendipitous is that? Goes perfectly with what I created.

The ‘loved’ on the right is what inspired this page. I decided to incorporate it into my creation rather than paint over it. So I used it as a jumping off point for the left hand side.

I felt like earthing myself on this day, and the best way for me to do that is to get some paint on my fingers…..yep channel that inner child and finger paint!! and the best kind of painty-ness to have on your fingers is STENCIL BUTTERS!! They are so smooth and dreamy. A lovely sensory experience.

So let’s get going……I began by swiping small sections of TCW9067 Gamboge Stencil Butter onto the page with my finger. I then moved on to TCW9065 Fuchsia and TCW9063 Ocean Blue.

creating the background. Using fingers to add small swipes of stencil butters in yellow, pink, blue, purple, turquoise and orange.

Next I came in with TCW9064 Turquoise and then TCW9066 Orchid.

At this point, I moved onto a small flat brush and added little marks to fill in the gaps until there was no white showing. The final step was to add a few marks with TCW9068 Marigold stencil butter.

You are left with a shimmery rainbow of color. LOVE IT!!

the shimmery rainbow of color created

Now I decide to go with the heart theme that has naturally occurred on my page, and I dig out stencil TCW5035 Single Heart and I use this to trace 6 hearts onto the background using a pencil. I tried to get them even (I didn’t measure, just used my eyes, but if you are a perfectionist, which I’m clearly NOT, then feel free to divide up your page evenly).

using a small heart stencil, tracing 6 hearts onto the background with a pencil and then painting black gesso around these

I painted around these hearts using TCW9002 Black Gesso. I just love how opaque this stuff is and that it dries to a matte finish, ready for me to add some doodling.

adding white pen to outline hearts and add words like learning, sharing, safe, grateful etc to each heart

That’s exactly what I did, just using a white paint pen, I added some scribbly lines and a few words which reflected my thoughts so far about the New Year.

the rainbow hearts really pop against that black matt background

There you have it….. I can’t wait to create something on the next page and watch those layers come together.

Let’s go 2023…..

Much love and color,

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa – TCW Design Team Member

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