Arty Rainbow Tree

Hi everyone, Tammy Klingner (aka Tambarambaa) back with you for another art journal share.

This one is inspired by Art and growth, and of course I just had to create a rainbow tree!

Page in a junk journal by Tammy Klingner that features a tree with rainbow leaves

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to create with, but the art and opinions are mine alone.

I began by applying TCW9001 White Gesso to my page and once dry I lay down that gorgeous tree stencil – TCW831 Faithful Tree.

I then squeezed out acrylic paints in rainbow colors, and beginning on the left hand side, I sponged the paint through the stencil with a dabbing or pouncing movement.

I began with red on the left, and then gradually merging through the colors of the rainbow, allowing them to blend a little as I went.

I also added brown for the tree trunk.

sponging rainbow colors through a tree stencil with a makeup sponge to create rainbow leaves

Looks like a bit of a mess as you are doing it, but once you lift the stencil, it’s so lovely! Gosh I’d love to shelter underneath that tree!

adding grass to the bottom of the tree

I then grabbed stencil TCW2309 Grass Slimline and lay it down underneath the tree, sponging a combination of greens to achieve a grassy look!

Next I grabbed stencil TCW585 Inspired Words – as this page is in a medium sized Junk Journal that I created, I didn’t have room for any of the words that were already there, but I knew ART would fit, so I created my own word, using the letters from other words.

I again moved through the colors of the rainbow, and sponged the paint on with a makeup sponge. Doesn’t it look cool!

adding an 'art' title using a word stencil and again using rainbow colors, merging as you go.
Also outlining around the title and tree with a pen

Time to add lots of details with a pen.

I drew around the title, added some wording and also outlined all the leaves and the trunk of the tree.

outline all the leaves with a black pen and add hearts and words that represent what art means to you

I added a few extra leaves and created some falling down to the ground too and outlined the grass.

outlining the grass and adding some leaves that are falling down from the tree

I also got thinking about my art and the way it helps me, so I added words into the leaves to represent this and also filled in a few gaps with little hearts.

close up of the words and tree. Has words like see, grow, gather, recover, nurture, soothe, mend, renew, heal, develop etc

I felt that this is all that was needed for this page.

Super bright, fun and easy, but most of all it soothed my soul, which needs a bit of TLC at the moment. Thank goodness for art and color!

the finished page..... title says art is about paying attention

I hope this has inspired you today.

When life is a bit tough, let it out on the page, lose yourself in what brings you joy and calms your mind.

Much arty love,

Tammy Klingner (aka Tambarambaa) – TCW Desgin Team Member

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