Stencil Butter Cards (and a bookmark)!

Hi there lovely people, Tammy (aka Tambarambaa) here with you today to share my latest stencil-y creations…..

2 rainbow cards and a rainbow bookmark created using stencil butters and TCW Stencils

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with, but the art and opinions are my own.

I created a couple of rainbow style cards using the awesome Stencil Butters and a few of the newer stencils. These stencils are just so gorgeous, they really do all the hard work for you!!

So let’s begin……

I grabbed a sheet of TCW9051 Watercolour paper. I then selected stencil TCW1046 Tropical Vibe and placed over paper, holding in place with some washi tape.

I grabbed the Stencil Butters in all my fave colors, which just happens to be the colors of the rainbow. I used Fuchsia, Marigold, Gamboge, Chartreuse, Turquoise, Ocean Blue and Orchid.

laying down a stencil, adding stencil butters with a blending brush, trying to add colors where they would naturally fall

Using a blending brush, I applied a touch of each color to the scenic stencil, trying to place them in appropriate areas, for example, yellow, pink and orange for the sun etc. I did this with a circular motion which definitely makes it easier to blend.

Once I had filled in all the areas, time to lift that stencil. Aaah the magic, this really never gets old!!

close ups of the colors selected for different parts of the stencil

I then grabbed another stencil TCW1050 Nautical Vision but this time, instead of focusing on particular areas, I just applied the stencil butters in a rainbow effect, working from the top to the bottom, allowing each color to blend as I went.

This stencil lends itself to this style, but I am much happier with the results. Plus it was much easier to create as I didn’t need to worry about going too much out of the ‘lines’.

repeating the above process but instead of selecting particular colors, just creating vertical rainbows and allowing colors to blend together

Ok time to trim down the cards. I then adhered them to TCW9079 6×6 Folded Card and Envelope Set and added a simple sentiment and border.

I really think that’s all these cards need. They are so fresh with the white.

card one complete

I love that these cards could suit so many occasions – travel, birthday, just cause, thankyou.

card 2 complete

When I trimmed down the cards, I was left with a strip.

Of course, I couldn’t let this go to waste – I decided it would make the perfect bookmark. For this I repeated the above process, but this time I used a 12×12 stencil as I wanted it to be BOLD and funky.

I selected stencil TCW987 Botanical Heart and actually just used the edge – how cool does it look!!

making a bookmark out of the leftover paper using the same technique

I really wish you could see the shimmer and shine. So hard to capture on camera.

There you have it – 3 fun and easy projects from 1 sheet of paper!

rainbow cards set of two with a book mark. So much gorgeous color and gorgeous stencil marks. The white that  is created when you lift the stencil is gorgeous

I hope this has inspired you today.

Happy arting and happy color!!


Tammy Klingner (aka Tambarambaa) – TCW Design Team Member

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