Molding Paste & The Stick Flowers Stencil

BlogPostHeaderHello!  My name is Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and I’m the designer behind the Balzer Designs line of Crafter’s Workshop stencils.  I love stenciling and I’m delighted to be sharing that passion with you!  Look for posts from me on this blog once a month.

I love using molding (also known as modeling) paste through my stencils!  Today I’m going to show you two projects that use the exact same technique with the exact same stencil.

First up: a scrapbook page.  I’m usually known for my super bright and colorful projects, but today I wanted to share a layout with you that’s mostly monochromatic.  In fact, the only colorful thing about it is the background paper.



I used molding paste through the Stick Flowers stencil…


…over an old piece of patterned paper that I no longer liked.  By mostly masking the paper, I turned it into something that I now love!

I used the same technique on my art journal cover!


This time I used gold molding paste over a background that was painted red.  A super duper easy way to jazz up the cover of my journal with very little effort.

Molding paste is a great way to make your stenciling really stand out!  And I particularly like how it looks with a stencil like “Stick Flowers” that has plenty of open space to let the molding paste shine!

Talk to you again next month!

xo Julie


Stencil love

Hello there! Sanna here to share with you a few layouts I made using The Crafter´s Workshop stencils.


I used one of my all time favorite stencils – “Tiny circles” – for this page :). I mixed molding paste with dark red Color wash spray to get a raspberry tone. Reminds me of ice-cream :).


Recognize the hearts on the background? I used the “Grunge hearts” stencil with molding paste that I colored light blue by mixing some spray ink into it.


And this last one was made for Frog Dog Studio and features the “Hourglass” stencil from the new stencil collection. I have used grey dye ink and the stencil to create the background pattern and then sprayed over it with spray inks.

I hope you get inspired to grab your stencils and create!!
xoxo, Sanna
The Crafter´s Workshop Design Team Member

We play


Hello there! I had been playing with the new stencils yesterday and ended up creating this playful layout about my younger son fooling around with his daddy at his big brother´s birthday party. I wanted to capture the feel of that day and added all kinds of tiny, funny, cheerful bits and pieces for decoration.

I used these 3 stencils, but always added just a little detail here and there. (These are all Rebekah Meier’s stencils.)

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-23 um 13.59.16Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-23 um 13.58.45Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-23 um 13.58.32

Here are some detail photos:



Wish you a lovely, happy day!!
xoxo, Sanna

Use Stencils with Anything!

Hi!  It’s Julie Fei-Fan Balzer here!  I thought I’d remind you that stencils can be used with almost any art medium!

Spray Ink:

Molding Paste:

Colored Pens:

Copic Airbrush:

Patterned Paper (trace and cut):

Acrylic Paint:

Distress Ink:

Stencils open up all of your art mediums and make it easy for you to be successful with them!

What’s your favorite medium to use with your stencils?

P.S. Seven of my new stencil designs are featured in the photos above!  :)

New Balzer Designs Stencils are Coming!

Hey there!  Julie here.  I have been sneaking some peeks of my new stencils on instagram (I’m BalzerDesigns) and I thought I’d share them here too:



I’ve got eighteen new designs debuting at CHA-Winter (6 of them appear in these three instagrams).  Can you spot them all?

Thanks for letting me share!