Welcome back to the second of my series on artful desk organization. Hi, art friends, it’s Patty here with 2 more super cool desk accessories that match perfectly with the Flower Power cork board from last time. This week, we’ll add a paperweight and a plant holder to your desk to complete your desk organization and make it one stylish place to work.

Note: I am a Design Team member for The Crafter’s Workshop; however, even though I use and love their products, all opinions are solely my own.

TCW Stencils:
TCW736 Dramatic Floral 6” x 6”, TCW735 Lacy Tiles 6” x 6”
Mixed Media Goodies:
TCW9023 Blue Jellybean, TCW9016 Spun Sugar,
TCW9024 Kale Smoothie, TCW9002 Black Gesso
Palette knife

On the same day I found my cork board at Home Goods, I also found a paperweight discounted to $7. This project was so simple to complete. As you can see, the graphic was already coming off and it took no time to scrape off the rest.

Next, I cut to size an already completed piece of art using the Dramatic Floral stencil and my own mixture of turquoise paint using blue jellybean, kale smoothie, and spun sugar. I dabbed a glue stick at each of the four corners and pressed it to the back of the paperweight. I glued the words “live your dream” onto the front using a glue stick. Simple.

Now for the plant holder, which could also be used as a pencil/pen/scissors caddy if you prefer. Using a clean tin can, I painted the top and bottom with glossy paint for painting on metal. (You can also paint inside the can if it is going to show.) I cut a piece of canvas to the preferred height and long enough to wrap around the can. I painted the canvas with the black gesso and let dry. Since I had painted the can black on the top and bottom, I taped off margins at the top and bottom of the canvas and painted those turquoise. Once dry, I taped the canvas down, then centered and stenciled the Lacy Tiles. The small stencil didn’t reach the edges, but it was super simple to align and create a seamless pattern as you can see below.

Once dry, I glued black plastic dots to the top and bottom edges. To glue the canvas to the can, I first sanded the can to rough it up and then applied mixed-media adhesive spray.

My desk organization series is now complete.  I’ve loved making these projects for several reasons. First, I absolutely love, love, LOVE this black and turquoise color scheme. The turquoise that I get from mixing the 3 paints has to be my favorite turquoise color of all time. Second, this is a perfect example of how the large and small stencils compliment each other so well. And last, it’s personally rewarding when I can repurpose an object into something useful and beautiful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this two part series and will give some of these projects a try. Remember, be on the lookout for things you can artfully transform using The Crafter’s Workshop stencils and mixed media goodies! Thanks for dropping by The Crafter’s Workshop blog. You can also scoot over to my blog at Like I always say, “Art in the Studio makes every day a good day.”

Until next time, keep making art friends!

Patty 😉

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