Girlie Grunge Prints & A Canvas by Donna Salazar

Hello everyone! Today I have another video for you sharing my process for making prints using one of my favorite stencils, TCW632 Sweet Posey. I love how it makes the most amazing bohemian looking prints! I share a couple of little tips for you in this video like using different consistencies of paint together to get a chunky Girlie Grunge quality to your prints, as well as a few other little nuggets of goodness.

And here are some photos for you…

Something I didn’t mention in the video is the reason why I started over. This canvas is for my mom who recently found out that she has breast cancer and I wanted to make something pretty that she can use as a reminder to stay positive. The first canvas (with the gold lettering) isn’t really her style and the second one is!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!! Until next time… Smooches ~D~

One thought on “Girlie Grunge Prints & A Canvas by Donna Salazar

  1. I actually prefer the one with the gold around the letters. I was thinking to myself whilst watching the video, I would want to,paint the letters gold, but then you showed us the NAP………I love it.

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