Journal Page ~ Thank a Radiology Technologist

Journal Page using TCW 886, White Gesso and Gel medium

Have you ever had a chest x-ray or imaged a broken limb? What about a mammogram, or have your gallbladder removed? If you have, then a Radiologic Technologist was part of the team who helped the physician come to a diagnosis. We are also the first ones to know if a patient has Covid.

This week is Radiologic Technology Week and yes, I am a “Rad Tech”. Even though we mostly see pathology in grays, I enjoyed designing a colorful page paying tribute to Mr. Wilhelm Roentgen, the man who discovered x-rays. Fun fact: The first ever x-ray taken was of his wife’s hand.

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with, but the opinions and creations are my own.

Here is what I did:

I prepared my journal page with TCW White Gesso and gave it a watercolor wash with an Altenew watercolor brush and water.

Next, I collected images and descriptions of anatomy from journals and my forgotten textbooks. I also rummaged through my Halloween card stock stash and found a skeleton page. I used TCW Gel Medium Gloss to adhere the collage pieces.

Next, I used TCW White Gesso again to unify all the different pieces. The main catalyst for this page was the large thorax printable from an online resource. I printed this on deli paper along with a typed up “You’re so Rad” with a stencil font on Word.

I pulled out my Distress Oxides and Balzer Design TCW886 12x 12 Stencil.

I finished the spread with adding more color with a Distress Crayon and Posca pens.

A label maker personalizes a card and a journal page, as I did here.

Journal Page using TCW 886, White Gesso and Gel medium

I hope you enjoyed my creative process today, and thank you for appreciating our health workers during this current pandemic.

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Stay safe,

2 thoughts on “Journal Page ~ Thank a Radiology Technologist

  1. Thank you so much for your service and your wonderful inspiration .Love this piece.The layout and colors are great.!

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