Wanderlust Journal Page

Hero image of the completed Wanderlust travel journal page. The image shows the brightly colored ColorSparx powders background in greens, yellows, blue and turquoise, The stenciled image and stamped sentiment are created using white and black mediums to contrast the background.
Wanderlust Journal Page – 11″ x 7″ on 140 lb hot press watercolor paper

Do you ever take the time to just wander through life, slowly, savoring each moment? Sometimes I think I’m so busy rushing towards the next thing that I barely remember to breathe! I decided to take some time, slow down, breathe and create this journal page as a reminder to myself that life is about the journey and not the destination, and to remind myself to slow down and notice all the little things that make life beautiful, rather than rushing madly about from one place to the next, never appreciating all the little moments that create our lives and living.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

This journal page project is a relatively simple step-by-step project with techniques that take time, giving us a moment to slow down and breathe, catch our breath, and notice the little things in life that we so often miss on a daily basis.

Follow along with this step-by-step process to create your own journal page:

Close up image showing the completed white heat embossing in detail.
An embossing pen was used through stencil TCW744 Wanderlust to create the image.

Step One: As shown in the image above, I started my project using an embossing pen which I traced through stencil TCW744 Wanderlust. I used white embossing powder which I heat set using my heat gun.

HOT TIP: I begin heat setting embossing powder from the under side of the page to maintain the integrity of the image and not blow the embossing powder off the page. Once it has melted I quickly heat from the top side to ensure the powder is fully melted and adhered to the page.

Step Two: As shown in the image below, I then lightly sprinkled my colors of choice using ColorSparx Powders. For this project, I used lime green, chartreuse, cerulean blue and turquoise.

Close up image showing multiple colors of ColorSparx powders lightly sprinkled across the white heat embossed image on the white page.
ColorSparx Powders were lightly sprinkled across the page.

Step Three: As shown in the images above, I used our water spritz bottle to spray water onto the randomly sprinkled ColorSparx page. Once the desired effect was achieved, I used my heat gun to dry and preserve the colors and water marks in the background.

Composite image comprised of two images. One image on a smaller scale appears in the center, over a larger background image. Both images show the bottole of Dr Ph. Martin's Spectralite Walnut Ink sitting on the top right corner of the page. The ink has been dropped wet onto wet in three different places on the page.
Dark walnut ink was dropped onto wet sections of the page then dried.

Step Four: As shown in the image above, I dropped some walnut ink and water to help it spread to certain areas of the page, then dried it with my heat gun.

Black modeling paste was applied to a piece of acetate, by stenciling the word 'MAPS'. This piece of acetate was applied to the top of the stenciling to create a 3D effect.
TCW9009 Black modeling paste was applied to acetate using our TCW9025 palette knife.

Step Five: As shown in the previous two images above, I applied TCW9009 Black Modeling Paste with our TCW9025 palette knife, to stencil the word “MAPS” on to a piece of acetate to create a 3D effect.

Close up image showing the outlined embossing powder using acrylic paint pens.
Close up image of the outlined embossing using acrylic paint pens.

Step Six: As shown in the three images above, I used acrylic paint pens, a permanent black ink stamp pad, and a colored pencil to apply the finishing touches to my design.

Close up flat lay image showing the completed art journal page.
Close up image of the completed travel journal page.

Want to see a brief step-by-step process video for this project? Hop on over to my YouTube Channel to view the video (41 sec). I really hope you found these step-by-step instructions and photos to be helpful and that you feel confident enough to try this on your own. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to post them below.

I’d really love to hear which part of this process is your favorite and why, please leave me a comment, below! Have a great day and happy making, we *LOVE* to see your projects, so please be sure to tag us using our hash tag of #ilovestencils !

Michaela Butterworth
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

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