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Happy Wednesday all! Helen here with a play day art journal spread! Some days when I sit at my desk to create, nothing ever seems to work out the way I want! I kind of always have an idea of what I want to do, but when I don’t, it always turns out to be a hot mess! When this happens, I take a step back, write down all my thoughts into my journal, and usually somethings inspires me then. This is exactly how this page started out!

Finished art journal page.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project.

The opinions I share are solely my own.

The Crafter’s Workshop Products Used:

To start off this page, I used a white pen and wrote down all the things that have been happening this past week or so, things that bothered me, things that ticked me off, things happening with my family, anything at all! I find it therapeutic to write these down, even if no one can ready them, I know what it says, and that is all that matters! Once I got all these out and onto paper, I was starting to feel better!. I covered the writing with TCW9010 Silver Gesso using TCW 9025 palette knife!

Voila! My secrets are hidden!

Sometimes it helps to write down all the things one is thinking about so that the art you make flows smoothly! I did that for this page. Then covered up the writing using TCW9010 Silver Gesso. My secrets are covered up and only I know that they are there!

While the Silver Gesso was still wet, I used TCW2307 Concentric Circles Slimline Stencil  and wiped off some circles using a baby wipe. I let this dry before the next step.

While the gesso is still wet, I lay over TCW2307 Concentric Circle Slimline Stencil over random areas and wipe off the gesso through the circles with a baby wipe.

Using TCW969 Illusions Stencil  , I sponged some TCW9062 Lime Green Stencil Butter and TCW9063 Ocean Blue Stencil Butter over the Silver Gesso as shown.

Using TCW969 Illusions slimline stencil, I spread some TCW9062 Lime Green and TCW9063 Ocean Blue stencil Butter through he stencil using a sponge as seen in the next photo.
Photo showing stencil butters through stencil.

I wanted to add some splatters over the page, and decided to water down the Stencil Butters.. and guess what! It worked! (I’m going to do my next project using water downed stencil butters, almost like a watercolor!) I mixed it up with a brush and added splatters of Ocean Blue and Lime Green!

I added water to the stencil butters to water it down to add splatters over my page. Works great!
Close up of spallters!
Close up of Splatters!

To finish off my page, I added my grumpy little girl, some washi tape and a sentiment! Now that I got that off my mind, I am ready to play nice!

To finish off my page, I added a grumpy little girl, some washi tape and a sentiment!

Thanks for taking the time to see my project for today and share your cards with us!

We would love to see your projects made with TCW products!

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Happy Creating!!


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