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Hello TCW crafters!

I always forget that I can make my own little art books. These mini folded books are fun to create. A tiny mixed media art journal, a stenciled background and some added embellishments or texture paste elements makes for creative time well spent… I love to make zines!

Start doing the things you love….

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own

The Crafter’s Workshop product used within this page:

TCW929 – Felicia Daisy
TCW936 – Messy Writing
TCW940 – XTrail
TCW943 – GardenTile – 6×6 & 12×12
TCW2316 – Watermelon Seeds
TCW9061 – Chartreuse Stencil Butter
TCW9064 – Turquoise Stencil Butter

If you enjoy seeing a page come together quickly, you can just go ahead and watch the process video below. Captions within the video will tell you what products I have used along the way.

…here is how the page came together step-by-step…

1 – Begin with a blank sheet of copy paper and glue some collage papers to cover. Paint some pale turquoise acrylic randomly over the papers. Dry

2 -Using TCW943-Garden Tile, stencil through with a mixture of Dina Wakley heavy body acrylic in light and deeper teal, lapis and turquoise acrylic paint.

3 – Spray Dina Wakley gloss spray through TCW936-Messy Writing on either edge of the page – Dry completely.

4 – Fold the paper using a ‘zine fold’ – you can Google ‘zine fold’ and you should find a clear explanation

5 – Choose a page. Using TCW2316-Watermelon Seeds, stencil through with TCW9016-Chartreuse stencil butter. Take TCW943-Garden Tile in the 6×6 size and stencil through with DWM acrylic lemon and marine. Add some small butterflies. Using TCW2316-Watermelon Seeds once again, stencil through this time with TCW9064-Turquoise stencil butter, over the dry chartreuse.

6 – Choose another page. This time add some embellishments. I used Cocoa Vanilla die cuts for a simple approach.

7 – Next, take the empty plastic packaging from one of the 6×6 TCW stencils and cut the bag along 3 sides maintaining one fold for the centre fold of your zine. Use TCW929-Felicia Daisy stencil and stencil through with TCW9064-Turquoise stencil butter carefully onto the plastic. Wait until it is completely dry, cut out with a blade and glue with clear glue to the centre fold of the zine. Add some butterflies and stencil some fine detail around the edges with TCW940-XTrail.

8 – Collage some flower tissue to the front and back covers and stencil some fine details on the spine of the cover with TCW940-XTrail in DWM night. Add a title or a sentiment to the front cover

I do hope you have enjoyed this walk through of my page. Hopefully it gives you a little inspiration to crack open some metallic pastes or use some mixed media board in your next projects


Dani x

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