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Hi creative people, Tammy (aka Tambarambaa) here to share another bright and bold Art Journal Page.

This one features many of the NEW TCW stencils. I think this leaf one TCW953 Skeletal Leaf is amazing. Just perfect for the Autumnal days. I love it, a wonderful addition to the range.

TCW provided me with some amazing goodies to play with but the art and opinions are solely mine.

brightly colored leaf art journal page

Let’s take a look at the steps, so you can create your own……

I began by using my black Dylusions Art Journal (if you don’t have a black journal you can just apply a layer of TCW9002 Black Gesso to your page first). I then added some TCW9001 White Gesso with a large brush and allowed to dry. Note, I kept the black edges and whacked it down without adding much thought as this will all be covered up with paint, it’s really just to give the paint a bit more pop on the white.

Then I added Dina Wakley paint in areas, just swiping it on and blending it with my fingers. I used colors Magenta, Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, and Turquoise.

black art journal page with white gesso added and then lollipop colors

Next I gathered a whole stack of NEW Stencils and began to layer the colors. I used the same paint colors but applied them in colors where I would get a bit of contrast. I sponged the paint through the stencils using a makeup sponge.

This part of the process is really relaxing, just keep loading them on ensuring you use a variety of stencils with smaller and larger patterns. You only use a section of the stencil, not the entire stencil and try not to think too much about it at this stage. Just enjoy the process…..

adding a variety of stencil shapes using a makeup sponge to create a colorful background

I used (clockwise from top left) TCW2317 Fence Grid, TCW2314 Punch Card Slimline and TCW935 Secret Garden.

You will get to witness magic in this part…..some of the color combos will make you swoon!! Have fun discovering…..

Next I used TCW937 Rows of Lines and TCW943 Garden Tile.

adding stencil marks by using a makeup sponge and creating a bold colorful background

I think my favorite part is that gorgeous stencil TCW942 Tulip Hexagon. I used a touch of Dina Wakley Lapis and it just gives the most gorgeous pattern and depth!

I also added in TCW936 Messy Writing. LOVE this one.

close up of rainbow colored background with lots of stencil work

Now at this stage, you will be left with a hot mess!! Don’t worry, it’s all part of the process. Every art journal page has an ‘ugly’ stage….. just trust that the magic is around the corner……

Part of finding that magic is adding back in to the background some white. I used TCW937 Lines for this (love love love that stencil). Adding white helps to pop all the other colors and is a bit of a hot tip to getting bold and bright pages.

background of art journal with loads of colors

Ok, background done, time to add the focal point using that gorgeous stencil TCW953 Skeletal Leaf.

Lay it over your page, on an angle. I used the 12×12 size and some of it was off my journal page – that’s totally ok.

Now keeping your stencil in the same place, sponge TCW9002 Black Gesso through it using a makeup sponge.

adding black gesso through a large leaf stencil to the colored background

Look at that magic!!!

I really love the edging – now that happened because we didn’t take the white gesso to the edge!

Ok, time to really make that leaf pop. Sponge some TCW9002 Black Gesso around the edges of the stencil. We want to define the edges of the leaf.

Also, whilst you are there, sponge a bit of TCW9002 black gesso to the background – just here and there to take away just a touch more of the color.

Now it’s time to differentiate the background behind the leaf. I grabbed TCW2314 Punch Card Slimline and went to work. I sponged some more black gesso through it, plus a bit of TCW9001 White gesso and a few other paint colors.

I also added a few flicks of paint and some white through stencil TCW384 Well Rounded.

adding background definition using stencils

Now we are getting somewhere…… Look at how that leaf pops!

Time to highlight the leaf. For this I grabbed white paint pen and added a few scribbles throughout the stem and also added a quote around the edge. It reads “anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day”

gorgeous rainbow leaf celebrating Autumn

Ok, I’m calling it done!!!

Love it and love the autumnal time of year. This page celebrates the colors that I see during this season.

close up of leaf detail
art journal page that celebrates Autumn and color

Thanks so much for joining me today. I hope this has inspired you to create!

I also hope it inspires you to appreciate the nature and colors that are all around us.

If you’d like to see more of my colorful work, head to my Instagram account.

Don’t forget if you create something with the magic that is TCW, tag us by adding #tcwstencillove so we can see it!!

Much love and colorful vibes,

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa – TCW Design Team Member

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