Stencil Storage Ideas from the TCW Team – Part 3

Welcome back to Part 3 of Stencil Storage Ideas from the TCW Team.

There are many different ways to store your stencils, but finding the right fit for you might depend on the way you create and how you find your inspiration as well as limitations defined by your creative space.

You might see that many of our designers store their stencils similarly, but each one has something a little different and you might pick up tips along the way.

If you only have a few stencils, you might find that hanging them from a clip works for you. Life may be throwing some curveballs at you where you find that a simple cardboard box works best for your current circumstances.

No matter your circumstance, we think we might have some ideas for you. The entire design team here at The Crafter’s Workshop is sharing how they store their stencils and why their methods work for them.

This will be a 3-part series so bookmark now to come back to read all the ideas.

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We are sure you will find inspiration and the right fit for you. Make sure to leave a comment letting us know which method works for you OR….. do you have another stencil storage idea we didn’t mention and why it works for you.

Nicole Martel

For those who know me…I’m very organized. In my home, everything has its place. I cannot work unless my supplies are organized and accessible.

My stencils are stored in 12×12 albums and page protectors. I thought about storing them my flowers, circles, nature etc., or by the Designer, but that’s not really important to me because when I am making something, I generally will flip through my books to see what catches my eyes!

My stencils are labeled at the bottom right-side of the page protector sheets.

The first page in my book is the New Product Booklet, which includes an image of the stencils. This comes in handy and saves me time from looking through the entire album… I simply pull the booklet out.

Also, to prevent myself from purchasing duplicates, I created a word file that is saved onto my desktop computer. The file includes EVERY stencil that I own. This is a life savor…ever shop for something twice because you have so much stuff…well, this will help you! Click on the download below to grab your copy. This is not every stencil by TCW; only those I have but will give you a base to start adding your own collection.

My 6×6 Stencils and slimline stencils are stored in a small wire basket. I typically reach for these little guys often, especially when I am working in my art journal!

Charmaine Canham

I store my 12×12 stencils in a 12×12 Hobby Lobby Scrapbook album in order by number.

I purchased several 12×12 colored papers and these serve as dividers. This is where I  mark the number, designer, and name of the stencil on the on these. I use a sharpie to imprint on the actual stencil for easy reference. 

My slimline stencils fit nicely in an album I have had for a while. The dimensions are roughly 5×9. I still have to organize and number these. The new stamps also fit into the album. 

The 6×6 stencils hang neatly, but in no order, from my pegboard in my craft room. Those are easy to grab when I need a quick background or pattern. 

Renae Davis

I store all my stencils in binders in sheet protectors with a piece of dark paper in the middle
=2 stencils per sheet protector for the 12×12 stencils
=2 similar stencils grouped together on each side= 4 stencils per sheet protector

In both binders, I organize them by:
-stencils I use the most (abstract, textures, basic designs)

-stencils that are similar- if I had two similar butterfly or brick stencils, I like to place them side by so I can compare which one I want to use for a project
-stencils by theme- stencils that I might use together for one project (ocean theme, vintage theme…) and also by holidays

I store my 12×12 stencils in a scrapbook album and my 6×6 stencils in a regular notebook binder

Nadine Carlier

I have been using 13×13 craft storage boxes for my stencils and I have them on a shelf in my craft room. I have them separated by New TCW Stencils, Older TCW Stencils, and Other Stencils. This is great for someone who does not have a lot of stencils and since the boxes are 13×13, my 12×12 stencils fit perfectly. I just open the box and flip through them to find which one I want to use. I also usually have an empty box with water in it so I can just throw my stencils in it after using mediums so it doesn’t dry out on them.

Now that I have quite a few stencils this system is no longer working for me, it is just too hard to flip through them all now. So I plan on updating how I store my stencils. I plan on getting some scrapbook albums with the clear plastic pages and storing my stencils that way but just have not had the time to get it done yet.

Be Flexible

We hope you found some ideas to implement in your system. You may do something totally different and we’d love to hear from you and see how you store your stencils. Share a photo on Instagram and tag us as well as post using #tcwstencilstorage.

Be willing to change if your system is currently working for you. If you don’t have any system in place, you’re less likely to use your supplies.

And don’t forget, if you need to add any stencils to your collection, you can find all our TCW stencils available at our online retail store

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