In Need of Vitamin Sea Mixed Media Layout

Hello to all of those beautiful creators out there! Nicole here. I have a fun layout to share with you! For months, I’ve had my eyes on the ColorSparx Watercolor Powders…wondering what all can be done with these powders. The possibilities are endless! Rather than use them as watercolors, I decided to mix it with Clear Modeling Paste to see what happens. And I must say, I was very excited with the outcome. Come see how this layout came together!

Disclaimer: The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are soley my own.

To begin, I used a palette knife to scoop out about 7-8 table spoons of Clear Modeling Paste. I decided to use the Clear Modeling Paste instead of the White Modeling Paste thinking the colors would be more vibrant with the Clear Modeling Paste. For whatever reason, I just think if I used the White Modeling Paste, the color would not be as bright. I will test that theory on another layout and let you know the outcome. 🙂

I mixed the TCW9057 Cerulean Blue ColorSparx to the Clear Modeling Paste. I used about 18 gentle taps of the powder. Be careful with the powders. You do not need to squeeze the bottle. Gentle taps will do.

One of the great things about this technique is that you can add more powder to enhance the color. You have complete control over how bright you want the color.

I like to apply the Modeling Paste on thickly because if it’s applied too thin, you may end up scraping the stencil and lifting it in the process, which will cause some of the paste to steep below the stencil. If this happens, you will not get a crisp image.

Once I was satisfied with the color of the Clear Modeling Paste, I taped the stencil above white cardstock. Then, I used a palette knife to apply the Modeling Paste all over the TCW847 Wave stencil.

Also, I always drag the palette knife from top to bottom to avoid moving the stencil too much. I could have done a better job here. I need to get myself a few old credit cards so I can smooth out the Modeling Paste to avoid lines in the future, but I ended up being OK since some of it was covered up with photos and embellishments!

After the Modeling Paste was completely dry, I used the TCW9052 Super Thick Gel to glue down my pictures and embellishments. Due to the texture from the stencil and Modeling Paste, regular adhesive will not hold the photos and embellishments well.

What do you think? I think the ColorSparx and Clear Modeling Paste looks awesome on this layout! I am already itching to try this technique on another layout, using another medium. Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Nicole Martel, Design Team Member

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