LIVE A colorful LIFE – Gel Medium and Stencils

Hi there!  Today I am sharing a simple scrapbook layout using one of the 12×12 stencils and gel medium as a resist for paint.LIVE A colorful LIFE_TCW_June 2016 final

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project.  The opinions I share are solely my own.

Ronda Palazzari Elliptic

This large doodling stencil looks like a giant postmark stamp to me and a bit like a ring left from a drink on the table.  I thought it would be great for a vacation photo and decided to use a photo from a beach trip a couple years ago.LIVE A colorful LIFE_TCW_June 2016 (2)

LIVE A colorful LIFE_TCW_June 2016

I used this matte gel medium and a small palette knife to apply the gel onto a piece of white cardstock.  I didn’t apply it too thick, but did cover all of the stencil.

LIVE A colorful LIFE_TCW_June 2016 (3)

After the gel dried completely, I used several mists in various colors of blue and teal.  As soon as I misted over the cardstock with paint, I used a baby wipe to wipe the paint off the stenciled area.LIVE A colorful LIFE_TCW_June 2016 (4)

LIVE A colorful LIFE_TCW_June 2016 (5)

The gel looked like thick white paint and all the mist wiped right off.  It acted as a perfect resist medium.  I cut my photo down to a small square to fit inside the frame part of the stencil.

LIVE A colorful LIFE_TCW_June 2016 (11)

LIVE A colorful LIFE_TCW_June 2016 (15)

I trimmed down one side and added some patterned paper on one side.  I added a couple die cut tags and circles, puffy stickers and a couple date stamps.

LIVE A colorful LIFE_TCW_June 2016 final

This will definitely become a new favorite technique to use with my stencils!

Thanks for stopping by today!  You can follow the link below to the stencils I used:


TCW605 – Doodling Template – Elliptic

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Jenni Calma

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

7 thoughts on “LIVE A colorful LIFE – Gel Medium and Stencils

    1. I didn’t make it as clear, but I removed the stencil immediately after I applied the Gel Medium. It has a thick enough consistency that it doesn’t run under the stencil, but stays in place. The new Crafter’s Workshop Gel Medium is really great to work with too! After the stencil was removed, I washed it, and let the gel dry. After it was completely dry, I added the mist. Even though the mist looks and stays wet on the gel, it drys on the rest of the cardstock. Using a baby wipe or tissue, the mist wipes right off of the stenciled gel without removing any of the gel itself.

      I hope that isn’t too rambly! It is a great way to use the Gel Medium as a resist. I tried it out on a little scrap piece to test it out first…
      Hope that helps!

      Thanks for your interest and comments…Share the work you are doing on our Facebook page!! 🙂

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