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It is me again, Marlene , from ART BY MARLENE!

Today I am going to share with you 1 way of combining watercolors and stencils. The technique I am going to share is the masking technique. We are going to use a masking fluid marker(it contains liquid cement) from Molotov for this project and the GORGEOUS stencil that Valentina Harper designer for The Crafter’s Workshop, called ‘sweet posey’ (TCW632).


sweet posey stencil


The Crafter's Workshop stencil

posey stencil- molotov masking fluid marker.

Lay down your stencil over a 300 g/m piece of watercolor paper. You can secure it with some removable tape/washi tape or just hold it down with your one hand. Now apply the masking fluid through the open spaces of your stencil…..it is a bit like coloring in. The masking fluid from Molotow is blue, just so you can see where you have applied it.


masking technique

This is what it looks like once you are finished. The masking fluid from the marker dries very fast, but if you are using  liquid cement/masking fluid  from a bottle (that you have to paint on), it does dry  much slower and your image might not be as crisp as when you use a marker.



Van Gogh watercolors by Talens

I am going to use my Van Gogh Watercolors from Talens for this project.


Posey stencil – add color from center

Start adding color from the center of your image, use only  warm colors. The brightest(most pigment)colors should be in the center of your design. You can paint over the masking fluid, no problem!


before rubbing off the masking fluid

Fade your watercolors towards the outer edges of your design. When you are finished let it dry , before rubbing off the “blue” masking fluid with your finger.


after rubbing off the masking fluid

Once you have rubbed off all the masking fluid (mmmhh…..I thought the blue was so lovely and now it is gone *sad face*)….this is what it will look like. It is time to start adding the second layer of colors. Start adding cool colors.


After adding some cool colors

You can see that by adding the cool “second layer” over the “warm” first layer, the design is still very clear, but surely more colorfull!


basic result before adding extras

This is it then….but it still, just needs that something extra, don’t you think?


add embellishments

I decided to add some embellishments to the center of my design, to make it pop.


add text

I wanted to add some text and ended up just adding one word…”Beautiful”


Finished design for The Crafter’s Workshop


Something Beautiful

Well, that is it folks! Till the next time!

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. This post may also contain affiliate links. The opinions I share are solely my own.

I hope you enjoyed the project and I am looking forward to your comments!

Kind regards

The Crafter’s Workshop design team member

Marlene Meijer-van Niekerk


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL project Marlene. Just couldn’t resist using your sentiment because it’s so TRUE in the case of your loveliness here. Masking fluid is just so fun to use – love it. Heheheh – you’re right, the blue did look pretty. But in the end – you totally have a GORGEOUSLY STUNNING and CHEERFUL piece. j.

  2. I have that masking fluid but can’t seem to get it off. Any tips? I’d love to do this project.

    1. Hi Suzann! If you can’t get it off with your fingers, it might be that you used a course paper….that is a bit harder to get off. You could use a rubbercementrubber to remove it. When using the rubber, don’t apply to much pressure. A normal rubber won’t work.

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