New Stencils! Hand Painted Bookmarks

Hello Everyone, Jen here.  I was so thrilled to receive a new batch of stencils I could hardly wait to start creating! As we move into the fall season here in Vermont and cooler temperatures reach the East Coast, with the changing of seasons makes me want to settle in with a warm cup of tea and my favorite book. I decided to create some hand painted bookmarks. Great for gift giving for the upcoming holiday season.

Ws bookmark 2

Supplies needed:

Step 1 book marks

  1. Paper and or card stock
  2. Paint (I used Golden’s Fluid acrylic)
  3. Paint brush
  4. Small spray bottle  (used for fluid acrylic )
  5. Gesso
  6. Palette knife
  7. Stencils :  NEW TCW560 Hex Flowers, NEW  TCW 566 Winged Exploration (used butterfly portion)  NEW TCW567 Complicated Hearts, NEW TCW580 Graceful Moths, TCW589 Butterflight, New , TCW 565 S Organic Matter Mask and Feather Fancy stencil.

Step 2:

Cut all paper to one size then paint varying background colors.

I found using a tiny amount of the fluid acrylic paint the spraying it lightly with water and brushing on each strip of paper.

Step 2 adding fluid paint

Here is the new stencil, TCW 565 S Organic Matter Mask

Step 3 **

Step 3: Once your background on your book mark is dry, then choose your stencil and apply gesso with a palette knife.


Here is the New TCW567 Complicated Hearts

Step 3 *

adding Gesso to New Stencil TCW 560 Hex flowers

Step 3 Gesso



Close up of Gesso Heart from New TCW567 Complicated Hearts

Gesso heart

Here is gesso fancy feathers. I then went back over my bookmark and used more paint to highlight the sides and added detail to the overall design


I added gold paint over the gesso words and then used a paint pen to outline and fill in details from the new stencil, TCW566 Winged Exploration.


My designs:

ws bookmark

All the final pieces:

ws bookmark

Hope you enjoyed this post.


Jen-SignatureThe Crafter’s Workshop 2015 Design Team

11 thoughts on “New Stencils! Hand Painted Bookmarks

  1. thanks for sharing! love the vibrant colors and the idea too! still have a few last minute Christmas presents to make – might just need to “jack” your idea. thanks for the inspiration!!!

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