Monoprint Home Decor with Rachel Kleinman

Welcome back, crafty souls! This is Rachel Kleinman here to share some fun and easy home decor ideas using The Crafter’s Workshop stencils, paint, and a gelatin plate!


This Halloweeny image above is my favorite one, and it was created with just one stencil: Sugar Skull! I added a few paint drops of each color in pink, lime green, yellow, and light blue on top of a gelatin printing plate. Then I carefully used a brayer to spread the paint, but not mix the colors. I laid the Sugar Skull bit on top of the paint and place black cardstock on top. The result is completely Frame-Worthy! Especially for this time of year!


Same as above, but switching out different paint colors. I especially love the look on black cardstock rather than the traditional white paper or deli paper.


It’s fun to switch the paper element to achieve completely different results. Here I used a torn page from an old book. I mixed a variety of The Crafter’s Workshop stencils, with Stone Rings being the focus, and did multiple prints on top of each other.


Another mix of multiple stencils to create a layered print. The gold paint through the stencils on a black cardstock is beautiful!

The set of 4 ‘mini’ monoprints actually use the same combination of stencils: Scribbled Rose, Geodesic, Daisy Window, and Repeating Pods. Changing paint colors and the alignment of the stencil makes all the difference!


Thanks for browsing my newest monoprints! I will put them all in a frame and display them over our fireplace 🙂 Easy works of art!

Rachel Kleinman

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The Crafter’s Workshop Certified Educator

Stencils used:

TCW 2053 – Sugar Skull

TCW 2056 – Scribbled Rose

TCW 2078 – Daisy Window

TCW 510s – Geodesic

TCW 553s – Stone Rings

TCW 547s – Repeating Pods

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