Two-Tone Canvas with Stencil Overlay

Here’s a quick technique for creating a colorful canvas using both warm and cool colors and stencils.

Step 11

Supplies you will need:

  • Paint
  • Paper (thicker stock)
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Canvas
  • Paint Pen (optional)
  • Words cut out from magazines
  • Stencils:
    • TCW 529 (bird portion)
    • TCW 528 (flowers)
    • TCW 546 (pods)

Step 1: Place stencil onto paper trace with pen or marker.

Stencil Trace 1

Tracing TCW 528 (flower portion)

Stencil Trace 3Tracing TCW 546 (pods)

Stencil Trace 4


Images traced on paper

Stencil Trace 5


Step 2: Cut images.

Cut Out Stencils

Step 3: Painting your canvas.

Warm Color Pallet

Begin on one side of your canvas using warm colors (oranges, reds and yellows). Paint half of the canvas and let dry. Make sure the first half is completely dry before painting the other half with your cool colors (blues and greens) or the paint will get muddy.

Warm and Cool Colors

Step 4: Place stencil cut outs on canvas.

Step 5

Step 5: Paint over stencil cut outs and canvas.

Remove the stencil cut outs BEFORE the paint dries!

Step 6

Half painted with some stencil cut outs removed.

Step 7

Painted canvas with all stencil cut outs removed.

Step 8

Adding detail with Paint Pen and Distress Ink.

Step 9


Step 10


Finished piece!

I added the words ‘You’, ‘Are’, ‘Beautiful’ that I cut out from a magazine.

Step 11

Hope you enjoy this!


Jen-Signature2015 Crafter’s Workshop Design Team

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