Sublimation Bottle Openers/Nicole

Good morning friends! It’s been awhile since I played with sublimation inks so I thought I would share with you, how I created these bottle openers using sublimation ink, and a few slimline stencils.

Disclaimer: “The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with products to create this post. The opinions I share are solely my own.”

To begin, I traced the bottle openers onto regular copy paper using a pencil. That way, I know how much space I have to work with.

Initially, I was going to use my sublimation markers to color in the images from the stencil, but then I remembered that I had actual sublimation ink pads, so I used those instead!

Next, I taped down the TCW2326 Sunflower Friends Slimline Stencil using a low tack tape. The tape will prevent the stencil from slipping during the ink blending process.

After that, I grabbed some small ink blending brushes and sublimation ink pads. I am using Yellow, Brown, Orange and Rouge sublimation ink to color in the images.

I used a different brush for each color. You do not want to use the same brush for all of the colors because the colors will end up getting muddy.

This is so satisfying…coloring in the images and watching the shape take form. I just love it! After I colored the sunflowers using yellow ink, I used another brush to add some red to the center. Isn’t this beautiful!?

I followed the same steps to create another floral bottle cap using the TCW2332 Daisy Spread Slimline Stencil.

Next, I placed the actual metal bottle cap openers faced down onto the colored images and used heat tape to hold everything in place. I set the timer on the heat press for 45 seconds at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, I placed protective paper at the top and bottom of the blank.

Now, the fun part! I placed everything in the heat press with the images faced up. I had to use heat gloves before removing these from the heat press because they are very hot!

And here they are!

This was a super fun project to create and I hope I’ve inspired you today!

Nicole, Design Team Member

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