Let the stencils do the work – Cardmaking

Hi there creative souls. Tammy here today to share a few cardmaking ideas.

It’s Spring in Australia, and we have had a particularly LONG winter, so the sight of the blossoms and those beautiful spring colors have inspired me to create these beautiful and simple cards….

4 cards in spring colors - yellow, blue, turquoise and pink
All have a spring feel and are paired with fresh white

TCW provided me with some amazing goodies to play with, but the art and opinions are mine.

I absolutely love the fresh feel of these and those colors with the pop of white.

Part of these cards were a bit of an experiment….. you know those moments when you do something and love it, but then think “I wonder what would happen if……”, yep so that’s what these are and I thought I’d share the results with you all.

So I began by grabbing some white mixed media cardstock and trimming it into four 6×6″ pieces. I also grabbed out some Distress Oxides in beautiful spring colors.

I then rummaged through my latest TCW stencils, and stencil TCW990 Flourish Tile Stencil jumped out at me. Beautiful details, plus the fact that it was separated into the perfect size squares.

I lay this over the cardstock, and then using a blending tool, I began adding color, working in circular motions, allowing the colors to blend together as I went. So relaxing.

lay a stencil over white cardstock and then add color by using distress oxides and a blending tool

This technique is an awesome way to try out a new stencil, as when you lift up the stencil, the image left behind really showcases the stencil.

Let’s take a look……

Lift up the stencil for the results. So beautiful

Sigh…. so beautiful.

So I decided to try the same process with another new stencil TCW1048 Botanical Squares Stencils – this one also has the 6×6″ squares. I selected the gorgeous floral, because HELLO SPRING! and repeated the above process…..

Repeat the above process with the same colors, but this time with a floral stencil. Love the freshness of these cards

Just look at that magic when the stencil is lifted. I will never ever tire of that moment!!

You will notice that I put a grubby fingerprint right in the center of the card. I will strategically place my sentiment there to hide this!

So whilst creating these, I wondered about adding water, and the effect this would have. You see Distress Oxides activate with water……so let’s give it a try.

I repeated the process, but whilst the stencil was still in place, I spritzed water onto it.

now lets repeat the process but before lifting the stencil add water and watch the colors run and interact together to create a watercolor result

Just love that watercolour effect!!!

Let’s take a look at them side by side…. note I have already added a sentiment to each card.

the two cards, one without water spritzed, and the other with, side by side

Which do you prefer? The crispness on the left, or the arty feel and blending that occurs on the right?

I’d love you to let me know in the comments.

I also repeated this with stencil TCW1048 Botanical Square . I love the way the water makes the colors run together and create their own unique magic.

Let’s take a look….

repeating the process with the water spritzing and the floral stencil


Here’s the two finished cards side by side…..

floral spring cards side by side with sentiments added

Personally, I think a simple sentiment is all that is required, and I can’t decide between them, I love them both AND I think any stencil would look amazing with this technique!

I hope you give it a whirl!

all of the 4 cards that were created

That’s it from me today. You can find more of me HERE.

Wishing you color and the new growth of spring,

Tammy Klingner aka Arty Tambarambaa – TCW Design Team Member

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