Stamping with Stencils!

Hi everyone, Tammy here today to share a fun technique that gives you a watercolor result, and allows you to use your stencils like a stamp!

two cards created using a stencil as a stamp giving a watercolor finish

TCW provided me with some amazing goodies to play with, however the art and opinions are mine.

I begin by gathering my supplies. For this I used Stencil Butters, so grab your fave colors, and I also used TCW9025 plastic palette knife, a plastic bag or large old packaging, a water spray bottle, and TCW9079 6×6 Folded Card.

getting prepared - card, stencil butters, water spray, plastick packaging and palette knife

I selected Stencil Butters in TCW9065 Fuchsia and TCW9067 Gamboge, and using the palette knife, I swiped them onto my plastic bag. I scattered them as I wanted a trio of colors – pink, yellow and orange when they mixed together.

I then sprayed them with some water, and using a brush, I blended them together a little, creating a gorgeous watercolor effect.

adding stencil butter in pink and yellow to the plastic in various spots and then spritzing with water and blending a little with a brush

I then selected stencil TCW981 Hawthorn Flowers and placed this into the paint/butter, with the top side down.

place floral stencil face down in paint

Next I gently lift, and place it onto my card, with the paint facing downwards (see just like a giant stamp!). I made sure some of this was coming off the card as I felt this would give a more artsy feel.

Now gently pull it up….. Look at that magic! I love the ombre effect that comes from blending the stencil butters.

lift up stencil and place face down on cardstock - using the stencil as a stamp.

Imagine the possibilities!!

lifting up the stencil leaves a gorgeous ombre effect

Whilst I still had some leftover paint, I flicked some onto the card to go with the watercolor effect. This also hides any wayward blobs!!

Whilst this is drying, we are going to create some leaves to add to this card.

For this I selected Stencil Butter in TCW9070 Terre Verte, TCW9097 Fern and TCW9061 Chartreuse. I knew that the stencil TCW985 Striped Leaves would be perfect for this.

repeating above process using greens and a leaf stencil

I then repeated the above process, and focused on that leaf at the very top edge. I then placed it in a few places to create clusters of leaves.

adding leaves to the edges of the flowers to finish the card

I had so much fun, I thought I’d create another one.

For this one I used Stencil Butters TCW9063 Ocean Blue, TCW 9065 Fuchsia and TCW9064 Turquoise and Stencil TCW933 Joyous Butterfly.

creating a butterfly card with a stencil and pink, turquoise and blue stencil butter

Now to add the finishing touches. For this I grabbed Stamp TCW2201 Sending Love and used both the ‘Hello’ and the ‘Sending Love’ sentiments.

I stamped them onto the cards and then using a paint pen, added a border and a few scribbles.

adding a card sentiment and a border to each card

Here’s the finished results…..

finished card 1 - flowers in orange and pink with green leaves
finished card 2 - three quarters of a butterfly in blues and purples

Two gorgeous cards when you feel like getting a bit messy, but don’t have a lot of time!

the two completed cards on display together

Thanks so much for stopping by, I’ll be back again soon. You can also find me HERE and HERE.

Love and color,

Tammy Klingner – Design Team Member for TCW

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