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Happy Wednesday all! Helen here with a little art journal spread for you. It’s August, it’s hot, and I try to create something everyday! Even a fast art journal page using these brand new stencils does the trick!

Finished art journal page using 3 new stencils and ink pads.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project.

The opinions I share are solely my own.

TCW Products used:

I have to say, I am loving the new stencils that The Crafter’s Workshop has released this past couple weeks! I especially love the geometric type ones! I wanted the 6″ x 6″ TCW1050 Nautical Vison Stencil centered on my 7″ x 10″ art journal page and because I was afraid to ink over the borders, I first taped down strips of paper around all the edges so that when I inked, the ink wouldn’t go past the stencil edge onto my art journal page.

I taped stripes of paper around the 6"x6" TCW1050 Nautical Vision Stencil, so that when I inked through the stencil, the ink wouldn't go past the stencil border onto my art journal page.

Next; I centered the stencil over my art journal page, and used 3 different colors of ink to ink through the whole stencil.

Center the stencil on my art journal page, and used 3 different color inks to ink through the stencil using a blender tool over the whole stencil.

Here’s what it looks like inked and centered!

Art journal page showing the inked stencil centered on the page.

I then used TCW999 Crochet Lace Stencil and ink to add a border to the top and bottom of the previous stencil as a border! (This is my new favorite stencil.. so versatile!).

I added a stenciled border to the top and bottom of my previous stencil work using TCW999 Crochet Lace Stencil.. my new favorite!
Photo showing the stenciled lace above and below the first layered stencil. I left a bit of a space at the bottom to add some washi tape.
TCW999 Crochet Lace stencil above and below (I left a bit of a space on the lower part to add some washi tape (of course!).

I then used TCW975 Random Bubble Stencil and a black gel pen to add some circles here and there in the corners of my art journal page. I had also added a line around the first stencil and a photo.

I used TCW975 Random Bubble Stencil to add some circles in random areas of my page using a black gel pen.

To finish off, I added some washi tape, a sentiment and voila.. done! Easy Peasy! And I have to say, it is relatively centered on my page! LOL!

Added some Washi tape, a sentiment and done.

Thanks for taking the time to see my project for today!

We would love to see your projects made with TCW products .Use #tcwstencillove on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. Check our YouTube channel as well! 

Happy Creating!!


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6 thoughts on “Bubbles art journal page

  1. Love this project. But what makes it special is the picture. Where can I locate it? I’ve noticed that many of the projects in the Crafters Workshop don’t include the place where the ephemera, add one and photos can be found. It seems on some, it’s the photo is what makes the project. Looking forward to your reply 😊

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