Mixed Media Cards/Nicole Martel

Hi everyone. I’m back with two more pretty cards using stencil butters and the TCW959 Rainbow Branch Circle stencil. I was curious to see how this stencil would look for a card… I love all of the different shapes on this stencil and this stencil looks so pretty with the stencil butter!

To begin, I used my Sizzix to cut two A2 frames using metal frame dies.

Then, I placed the card onto a sticky mat and then covered the card panel using the TCW959 Rainbow Branch Circle stencil. I love the sticky mat because it holds the stencil down so that I can achieve a crisp image!

Next, I used a palette knife to add a dab of Fuchsia, Turquoise, and Champagne Gold stencil butters down the edge of the card.

After that, I used a wide scraper tool to smear the stencil butter across the stencil. You can use a regular palette knife, too. I scraped the excess stencil butter all over the stencil to mix the colors up a little bit to add depth.

Once I was satisfied with the blending of the stencil butters, I carefully lifted the stencil from the bottom up to avoid smearing the stencil butter.

Ah, I just love all of the patterns and colors here. Super pretty! I carefully lifted the card panel from the sticky mat and placed it aside to dry.

While the card panel was drying, I used my Sizzix to cut a butterfly using a metal die and then used my fingers to cover the die using the Champagne Gold Modeling Paste.

I used a matte gel to glue the butterfly to the center of the card and then added the embellishments.

I can’t wait to send these cards to a few special people in my life. They will surely bring a smile to their faces. Thank you for visiting today!

Nicole Martel, Design Team Member

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