Bright and Sparkly Flower Card

Hello everyone! Tammy (aka Tambarambaa) here today to share a gorgeously bright and shimmery card that would be perfect for any occasion…..

floral stencil half on card with gorgeous watercolor added - flower looks like a rainbow as it graduates from color to color

TCW provided me with some amazing goodies to play with, but the art and the opinions are solely my own.

Let’s get straight into it….

I began with a sheet of TCW9051 Watercolor Paper, and trimmed it in half. This is slightly bigger than a standard card size, however if you are giving in person, there’s no postal issues, and this card is for a large group of people to give, therefore the bigger size is perfect – they can all pop a message inside – plenty of room!

I grabbed a beautiful flower stencil TCW931 Collarette Dahlia and laid it on the side of the paper. This is a 12×12 stencil as I wanted the flower to hang off the edge, so only half the flower is on the card. I taped it in place with some washi tape, and then swiped TCW9004 Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste over using a palette knife.

Carefully remove the stencil, placing in water immediately.

At this point, you want it to dry thoroughly. I usually let it dry naturally (good time to go pop a load of washing on), giving it a quick blast with the heat gun once dry to touch.

swiping light and fluffy modeling paste through a flower stencil onto a watercolor card background

Now it’s time to add some color.

I grabbed out a variety of Stencil Butters (love this stuff), including TCW9065 Fuchsia, TCW9067 Gamboge, TCW9063 Ocean Blue, and TCW9064 Turquoise.

lift stencil and let dry, grab stencil butters in Gamboge, Fuchsia, Ocean Blue and Turquoise

I began with one color at a time, and added water to a small amount of Butter, to create a watercolor consistency. BUT WITH SPARKLE!! Yes I love that although watered down, it really only changes the consistency. The vivid color and the shimmery shine remain. How cool is that!

Beginning with Gamboge, I then moved into Fuchsia (loving that orange that occurred when the colors mixed!) I then moved into Ocean Blue (look the pink and blue made a gorgeous purple), and finally the Turquoise.

I kept moving the color around with a brush until I was happy. It was so relaxing watching them mix and move about.

add water to a small amount of each butter and mix to create a shimmery watercolor. Now add this to card moving from yellow to pink to blue to green, allowing the colors to mix as you go

I then added some pen marks around the edge of the flower, and also around the center of the flower, and a few flicks of leftover watercolor butter.

adding some flicks of leftover paint and outlining with black pen around flower and in center of flower. Also adding a sentiment of choice

Now all that’s left is to add a quote/sentiment and adhere it to cardstock.

I wish you could see the shimmer and shine. It is so hard to capture on camera, but it is there.

Finished card with rainbow ombre flower and lots of texture, shimmer and shine.

I hope this has inspired you to turn your Stencil butters into a gorgeous shimmery watercolor. So simple and soooo shiny!

Much love and color to you all.

Tammy Klingner (aka Tambarambaa) TCW Design Team Member

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