New Stencils for 2022 by TCW

OOHHH, new stencils!! These will be available in the store in mid-February but there is no reason not to show you this deliciousness today!! Check what I did with this media board!

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with, but the opinions and creations are my own.

This new stencil TCW969 Stencil Illusion is perfect as a background or as the main event! I used four stencil butters and a 6×6 mixed media board. Prepare your 6×6 mixed media board with TCW white gesso.

TCW9001 White Gesso
TCW9053 Mixed Media Board 6x6

Next, add some color to your board. I used acrylic paint here. Use a paint pen to make dots or lines. Make it as interesting or dull as you like.

OK, place your stencil over your mixed media board. You can use washi tape or Pixie Spray to keep it in place. ( I may or may not have had a talk with Jaime to make us a TCW brand tacky spray ;)) Then bring on all the Stencil Butters! This Palette Knife may be cheap but it smears like a dream!

TCW9025 Plastic Palette Knife

Add some Marigold over the Gamboge.

Remove and wash the stencil. I added more pink acrylic ink to the center. You can use a heat gun to dry the stencil butter. Also, this can add dimension or bubbles to your butters.

Place the dry and clean stencil over the mixed media board again and apply the Turquoise.

Add some Fuchsia over the Turquoise.

I added a white border with a white Posca Pen but acrylic paint will work as well. I also added the dots in the center. Finish your project with a sentiment on double-sided foam tape.

What a fun and easy project! This project probably took about an hour between waiting for things to dry and clean. I can’t wait for you to see the other spectacular stencils that will release on February 14th! Stay Tuned!!

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