Drippy flowers…. Art Journal Page

Hello lovely creative people. Tammy (aka Tambarambaa) here today to share some more of my stencil play with you all.

art journal page with flowers and leaves with pink, yellow, lavender and turquoise
Tammy Klingner

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to create with, but the art and the opinions are mine.

Art journal page with soft colors and grungy black drips
Tammy Klingner

So let’s go through the steps to create a drippy, colourful art journal page.

I began by applying TCW9001 White Gesso to my page. I whack it down, working quickly and spreading it with a brush.

I then applied some pink paint with a brush to a few spots on my page – I used Dylusions Peony Blush and I tend to work in groups of three, as it has a more natural feel and creates the ‘visual triangle’. Working quickly, whilst the paint is still wet, I lay down stencil TCW932 Peruvian Lily and using a wet baby wipe, I removed some of the paint through the stencil.

pink paint and flower stencil

I then added some yellow paint – Dina Wakley’s Lemon.

Once dry I added a soft blue – Dylusions Periwinkle Blue. I popped this down randomly with a brush (again working in three’s), and whilst still wet, I lay down stencil TCW554 Butterfly Collage and focusing on the netting section I removed some of the paint through it using a wet baby wipe. To prevent this color from looking ‘plonked’ on the page, I also used the same part of the stencil and sponged the Periwinkle Blue paint through the stencil with a dry make-up sponge. I focused on the area that was already there, and sponged outwards from there. This gives a more natural look.

lavender, pink and yellow paint with a netting stencil to make patterns

As I hadn’t added any stenciling to the yellow paint, I felt it needed softening a little, so I sponged TCW9001 White Gesso with a makeup sponge through the stencil TCW219 Punchinella, focusing on the circles.

adding white dots with a stencil to the yellow paint

At this point, I was much happier, so I decided to add in some grunginess. I grabbed TCW9002 Black Gesso, a makeup sponge and TCW554 Butterfly Collage and had a lovely time!!

black gesso sponged through stencil to create paint splats

I really love the paint splodges and rings on that stencil!

background of art journal

I decided the page needed a pop of color, so I grabbed TCW9064 Turquoise Stencil Butter – I adore this color! I decided though that it was a little too bright (is that even a thing!!!! Usually the brighter the better with me), so I mixed it with a bit of TCW9001 White Gesso, just to soften the tone a little. I was please that the gorgeous sheen was still there.

I decided to add some of the smaller dots from TCW886 Shape Landscape – I just scraped it on using a spatula in various spots on my page.

adding some small turquoise dots using a stencil

I had a little of the mix left and didn’t want to waste it, so I grabbed stencil TCW2300 Gentle Leaves – this is one of the newer slimline stencils, and one of my faves. I swiped some of the color through the leaves in a few random places. I just used my finger for this as I also wanted to create some of the leaves with pen – tracing through the stencil. I really love this look and therefore wanted the leaves to be quite random – some colored, some plain.

Hopefully these images show you what I mean.

adding a few leaves to the background using turquoise stencil butter and pen to trace through a stencil

Time to add my focal point….. I cut out some large black and white flowers from an adult coloring book that I had laying around. I know you are meant to color them in but I love them in black and white and they are perfect in my Art Journal – just adhere with some TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium.

black and white flowers and matte gel medium

I wanted to add some depth to the flowers, but keep them black and white, so using TCW9002 Black Gesso mixed with a little water, I added some around the images using a paintbrush and allowed the gesso to run by holding up my art Journal. This creates gorgeous drips.

adding black gesso mixed with water to create drips

I forgot to take a photo – but to me those teal small dots were just not blending – they didn’t quite look right. That’s ok, it just means another layer is required to help everything blend. So I added some more TCW9002 Black Gesso with a sponge in random places and used the honeycomb section of that awesome stencil TCW554 Butterfly Collage and some random blocky words from TCW737 Love Sonnet.

adding black gesso with a sponge through stencils to bring background together.

Now I was happy – the magic had just happened!!!

So I added some journaling, a quote and some flicks of TCW9002 Black Gesso and TCW9064 Turquoise Stencil Butter.

completed art journal page with flowers, drips and leaves
close up of quote "the stronger you become the gentler you will be"
close up of background stencil work
close up of journaling

There you have it….. an art journal page that is soft and dreamy with a bit of grunge thrown into the mix too.

I hope it has inspired you to create. Why not try adding drips to your creation? Or using your stencil and pen to add extra details?

We just love seeing your creations, so don’t forget to tag us #tcwstencillove so that we can be inspired by YOU!

If you’d like to see more of my creations, you can head to my BLOG or you can follow me on Instagram. Or both!

Sending lots of colorful vibes,

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa – Design Team Member of The Crafters Workshop

2 thoughts on “Drippy flowers…. Art Journal Page

  1. Beautiful page! Thank you for sharing your process- it’s interesting how much back and forth is required to get the page just right. I love this project and thank you for sharing!

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