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Today, I was looking to create a softer art journal page using new pastel paints I recently purchased. I featured some pretty stencils to add small and delicate details and a larger damask stencil as a focal point for my page. By the completion, I thought the images I used and the textures I created looked a bit like abstract clouds… so I added a quote about clouds.

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore

– The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own –

The Crafter’s Workshop products used within this page:

If you enjoy seeing a page come together quickly, you can watch my process video below. Captions will indicate what products I have used along the way.

…step-by-step follows…

1 – Begin with a random selection of pastel colors painted onto a blank journal page. Leave the top left hand corner with more white space than the rest of the page. Add some simple mark-making aswell using paint and pencils.

2 – Using TCW794 – Damask Decor with TCW9004 – Light and Fluffy modeling paste, add two large stenciled motifs, one on each page. Dry the page thoroughly.

When drying TCW9004 – Light and Fluffy modeling paste with a heat gun, try over-heating it gently. You will find that the paste puffs up and creates a different texture than just drying it normally or straight air-drying. This texture can be used to get some great effects when using watercolor or watered down pigments to pool over once the paste is completely dry.

3 – Once the paste has been puffed up and is completely dry, pool watercolors over the design and wait for the pigments to soak into the page behind. This will bring out the texture and design from the TCW794 – Damask Decor stencil.

4 – Next I begin to create a lot of fine delicate details around the damask motif. I use TCW347 – Kaleidoscope with white gesso stenciled through. Then TCW5005 – Swiss Dot (a cookie & cake stencil). I stencil through with the same colors I used on the background but use light colors over darker tones and darker colors over lighter tones so they can be seen.

5 – TCW851 – Dotted Rings is a super pretty stencil. I stencil through in the same way and make sure it travels over onto the white page areas so that it shows off the details. I really enjoy how this looks!

6 – I use TCW794 – Damask Decor once again, but this time using the lightest blue, I stencil a few of the smaller sized damask shapes a few times around the page.

7 – On reflection, I begin to read the damask images as abstract cloud-like images and decide to add one last stencil as a rain effect. TCW922 – Ethereal is what I choose and I mix up a modeling paste using TCW9052 – Super thick gel and TCW9057 – Colorsparx – Poolside – Cerulean Blue. This paste will dry quite clear and glassy but with a blue coloring… almost like a water effect.

Clouds - Art Journal Page TCW794 - Damask Decor

8 – I dry off the page, add some small splatters in gloss spray, a few more pencil scribbles. and finally add a hand-written cloud quote to strengthen the cloud & rain idea within the page.

I do hope you have enjoyed this new art journal page I have created today. Hopefully, it gives you some inspiration to venture into your own art journal and get creating today!

We would ,love to see your projects made with The Crafter’s Workshop products. Use #tcwstencillove with your project pictures

Until next time… have fun creating!
Dani Choate

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