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Hi TCW Creative Souls!

Tam here today to share my latest creation.

Do you just love buildings? I do – there’s just something about a city scene that intrigues me. I love the little faces in buildings and it looks like a crowd just smiling at me. So today I thought I’d share this cityscape…

Art Journal page featuring a cityscape and a rainbow of colors using TCW stencils
Tammy Klingner

Of course it had to be colorful, because that’s my thing!

Art Journal page of a rainbow cityscape
Tammy Klingner

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with but the art and opinions are solely my own

I’ve used so many of gorgeous stencils….. let’s take a look at how it all came together…..

I began by selecting some gorgeous paint colors and brushed them all over my background using a large brush. I tried not to overthink this part, but I was mindful to not blend two primary colors together, as this would give me a muddy effect, and we don’t want that!

background page with paint in rainbow colors brushed onto page randomly

Next I grabbed a few stencils. Patterns work best for this step.

I began with TCW838 Floral Spectacle and TCW901 Geo Netting and using the same paint colors, I sponged paint through the stencil, with a sponge onto the background. This helps give depth to the background and allows the colors to blend into each other more.

adding stencil patterns to rainbow background

I continued this process with a couple more pattern stencils. I chose TCW886 Shape Landscape and TCW450 Art Deco Leaves and TCW219 Punchinella and followed the exact same process as above.

adding stencil patterns to a rainbow background art journal page

Once happy with this, it’s time to add back a little white into the background. This white brightens up all the colors and somehow turns a bit of a mess into something special.

I used TCW539 Patterns for this step.

adding mark making using TCW stencils to a rainbow background

Ok, background done. Now it’s time to add some buildings. TCW has a number of gorgeous ‘city’ stencils. I pulled out TCW729 City Buildings and applied black paint with a dry baby wipe, rubbing through the stencil pattern across the bottom of my page.

To create further depth, I added in a few of the buildings from TCW749 Floating City. I worked out where on my page I wanted a few taller, bigger buildings and carefully added black paint using a dry baby wipe.

I love that the stencils and buildings work together.

rubbing black paint through cityscape stencils by TCW

At this stage, I felt a lot of the buildings were quite square, and thinking about a city scene, I decided to add in some narrower buildings. The lighthouse image on stencil TCW916 Lighthouse was the perfect shape for this.

Little scene is now complete…..time to add in some details…..

black paint rubbed through cityscape stencils by TCW with a rainbow background

I colored in a few of the buildings here and there using paint pens. This is a good way to cover up any patches that haven’t blended well. It’s not necessary to color all the buildings, it’s nice to have a mix of the two styles.

When doing this step, it’s a lot easier to just color in the entire building – go straight over the doors and windows. I will add these back in next.

adding in detail to building using paint pens

Time to add in the details using black and white paint pens.

Remember what I said earlier? Adding white back in will lift all the other colors. It really does….

adding in details of cityscape using paint pens

I went around a lot of the areas with black pen too – this part is actually really relaxing. I could do it for hours…..

Time to finish off the night sky….. I swiped some TCW9044 Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste through stencil TCW922 Ethereal using a spatula.

swiping modeling paste through a starry stencil to create a night sky in background

Love the starry night!

art journal page 
city scene with colorful rainbow sky
Tammy Klingner

There you have it…. a gorgeous cityscape.

Let’s take a look at some of the details…

close up details of city scene with rainbow sky
close up details of buildings
close up details of buildings in a cityscape art journal page
art journal page with a city scene. Lots of buildings with black outline over a rainbow patterned background.
Tammy Klingner

I hope this rainbow city scene has inspired you today to get creative!

art journal page created using lots of TCW stencils and mediums.
Bright colors
Tammy Klingner

Don’t forget when creating with anything by TCW, tag us using #tcwstencillove as we love to see what you do!

It inspires us all.

Until next time,

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa

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  1. As much as I love watching videos of a process, your step-by-step was so clear I didn’t miss it. I also appreciate you having a Pinterest pin so I can refer back to this. It’s really wonderful and inspiring! Thanks so much!

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