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Hello again TCW creatives…

Alphabets, script, text, block letters, repetitive words… I LOVE these type of stencils… I can never get enough! Today I play with two fabulous TCW stencils that are both text . Different sizes and fonts, I love the way they work together.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own

The two stencils I used in today’s page – TCW737 – Love Sonnet & TCW763 – Alphabetica

Of course, as usual, If you enjoy seeing a page come together quickly, you can just go ahead and watch the process video below. Captions within the video will tell you what products I have used along the way.

…here is how the page came together…

1 – In a blank journal spread, paint TCW9002 – Black gesso or matte black paint randomly across the page leaving plenty of white spaces.

2 – Using black and white paint mix up a couple of different greys and stencil through TCW737 – Love Sonnet with light grey gradually to black. Make sure that the black lettering ends up in the white spaces and the light grey ends up on the black background. Mix the paints as you stencil.

3 – Next use TCW763 – Alphabetica and stencil over the letters with a mix of royal blue and teal (I use Dina Wakley colors – Lapis & Ocean)

4 – Leaving the stencil down, secure with some washi tape and use two paint markers in pink and blue to trace the outlines of stencil TCW767 – Alphabetica

5 – Once outlined use a black paint marker to deepen the blacks inside some of the letters

6 – Next use book text, or washi tape with text on it and trace out 9 or so of the letters from the stencil

(I give you a method in the video to work with washi so you can cut out the shapes easily without it sticking to everything – If using book text, be careful that your paint pens are NOT water soluble when you glue the paper down)

7 – Stamp out an image of a woman onto uncoated deli or lunch paper – I used Dina Wakley Media ‘Thoughtful Women’ stamp. Before adhering the stamped image to the page, use some TCW9001 – White Gesso to back the face so you will be able to see it on the black background. Adhere the image with TCW9011 – Matte Medium

8 – Outline the letters of TCW763 – Alphabetica with a fluorescent pink gel pen and a blue fine Posca paint pen to give the letters some bright definition

TCW763 Alphabetica square

9 – Paint on a black dress from the shoulders of the stamped image ready for stenciling modeling paste

10 – Using TCW9004 – Light & Fluffy modeling paste I made three different colors of paste in pink, fuchsia & grey (using DWM magenta, fuchsia & mineral)

11 – Stencil these modeling pastes though TCW763 – Love Sonnet onto the figure’s dress. Mix these as you stencil by picking up a little of each color each time you pass your spatula across the stencil – this gives a marbled effect to the modeling paste

I do hope you have enjoyed this walk through of my page and the video. Hopefully, it gives you some inspiration to create your own page using TCW763 – Alphabetica or to try marbling colors when you stencil with modeling pastes in the future.

Until next time… have fun!
Dani Choate

To follow along on my art adventures and/or view the complete supply list for this page, please visit my blog or the youtube description – here

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