How to Create Faux Marbling with Modeling Paste

I moved into an office for my day job and now I have walls to hang art. This was the inspiration for this project. I was first creating a colorful abstract but in the end it turned black and white.

I used the following stencils and pastes for this project:

The Crafters Workshop provided me with stencils and mediums to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own because I do love to use them.

To add a little more interest, I decided to marble the modeling paste. To marble, I used black and white modeling paste and loosely mixed it. Although mixing works, I found that if I lay the modeling pastes side by side and pick up a little of each on a credit card works so much better. I used a swirling motion as I added the paste through the stencil designs.

Mixing the modeling pastes together to create a faux marbling look.

As you swirl the modeling paste through the stencil it creates a beautiful marbling look. When it’s dry, it looks great!

When it's dry you can really see the marbling.

My canvas size is 24″ x 24″ and the bottom is black. To add the flowers, I add the flowers to one side of the canvas and then start more on the opposite side. Your modeling paste must be dry in order to continue to add more. Tip: Flip your stencils over. Use both sides. This gives flowers movement.

Splitting up the stencil designs help them dry so you can continue adding more.

As you can see I use blue painters tape which helps keep the line straight and keep the modeling paste in its place. It also helps when I need to add a small leaf or flower here and there if there are large open spaces I don’t like.

Make sure you pull off the painters tape that is is protecting the bottom  while the paste is wet.

When using modeling paste with blue painters tape, it’s important to remove the tape while it’s wet. If you wait for it to dry, it could pull much more of the paste that you want to happen. It will be must harder to fix.

It’s definitely not finished. It’s been put to the side as I start a companion piece. I try to create both pieces together but I always end up finishing one before the other. When I can place both pieces side by side that’s when I decide what I need to add or subject from the pieces.

If you are wondering where the Maidenhair Fern stencil is in this piece, look in the black area. When I sprayed the black paint with water, the fern popped from behind the paint. I loved the way it looked so I kept it.

Beautiful modeled flowers again the grungy background.

I hope you try to create your own faux marbling with modeling pastes. Can you image all the colors you can create with paint and clear modeling paste! WOW I’m so excited are you?

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Thank you so much for stopping by!
Karenliz Henderson
The Crafters Workshop Design Team

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