Do you create in the dark?

Its summer and I have no air conditioning so to keep cool I create in my dining room where it’s a little cooler than my art room. To keep it even cooler I don’t turn on the ceiling light because it adds a little warmth I don’t need.

I’m not a perfectionist but since the pandemic I have not created anything I like. In the dark I challenged myself to create a piece and not worry about what it looks like. I also created it without my glasses! Each photo I took in my art room where there is lots of light so you can see that it’s not perfect and it’s a little messy but I love it.

Using TCW9053 6×6 Mixed Media Board I added transparent gray on the background. Using TCW921 Word Stems I added only the stem words to the background with white paint.

Added washy tape to the background for texture.

When it dried I added washy tape to the background for extra texture and in the end you really won’t see it.

To add the flowers from the Word Stems stencil I used TCW9008 Clear Modeling Paste. I added it through the stencil in a thin layer. Tip: A thin layer of clear modeling paste is a little translucent. It’s not completely crystal clear but you can see through it.

I used transparent paint colors so I can see all the layers underneath. For the background I added blue and wiped off some of it to create a glaze look.

Used blue to add a wash of color to the background and flowers.

I painted the flowers and added a rubber stamp to the background in green archival ink. It looked to busy so I added watered down white paint to the background to cover it up a little.

Used white paint to cover up the busy background.

Looking closely you can see the background through the paint and modeling paste.

Thing layer of clear modeling paste is a little translucent.

Here is the completed piece.

Completed painterly piece.

What to you think of my art created in the dark? It was fun. It was a good challenge and I will definitely try it again. Will you create in the dark?

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Thank you so much for stopping by!
Karenliz Henderson
The Crafters Workshop Design Team

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