Quarantine stories: Live with monsters

Hi there!

Today I’d like to show you my newest inspiration – art collage.

I created it using many of our TCW products like heavy body acrylic paints, mediums, stencils. My work is a very important story about the violence that happens in many homes and is particularly dangerous during the quarantine.

Title of my work is inspired popular indie pop song called Monsters and me. That’s why the title was inspired by the song, but I think it has a lot to do with life. You never know if you are dealing with a human or a monster…


First, I used transparent gesso for a small card with colored stripes, which is the base of my project. The next step was to reflect the mask pattern in the upper right corner and in the lower left to get the harmony in my work.

The next step was to play with paints to emphasize the creativity of the project and give it interesting colors. I love these paints, they are very efficient, full of vivid colors and cover the whole work surface very strongly!

The next step is to build a composition. I cut one of my favorite newspapers with humorous lyrics, pictures and stories. At the end, I just emphasized the characters in my work and it’s done!



The Crafter’s Workshop – Stencil – TCW887 – Old Circle Grate

The Crafter’s Workshop – Stencil – TCW889 – Dash V


The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9052 – Super Thick Gel

The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9007 – Clear Gesso (Matte)

The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9004 – Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste

The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9012 – Shimmery Goodness

The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9041 – Platinum Modeling Paste

The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9037 – Grecian Gold Modeling Paste

The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9040 – White Pearl Modeling Paste


The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9024 – Kale Smoothie

The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9023 – Blue Jellybean

The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9020 – Raspberry Sorbet

The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9019 – Candy Apple Red

The Crafter’s Workshop – TCW9013 – Iridescent Gold

The Crafter’s Workshop

Design Team Member

Goga – Małgorzata Kalbarczyk-Leonczuk


2 thoughts on “Quarantine stories: Live with monsters

  1. A very difficult subject to bring to the fore but more relevant now than ever. The damage these ‘monsters’ do never leave you no matter how much time passes. I love your page Goga xx

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