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Hello once again TCW friends

My natural state of arty enjoyment is to work in multiple books or on multiple projects at the same time. Perhaps I am just impatient or hate waiting for things to dry… I know I certainly hate wasting little bits of leftover color… so… I have on hand, multiple substrates to mop up all the excess.

You may not often see me do this within my videos as I cut and edit them as if only one project is happening. Today, I left a second project intact within the video. So, you will see… the same set of stencils being used on two very different projects.

Tags, tags, tags … and a quick journal page.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own

These are the stencils I used within these projects

The mediums I used for this project

As usual, if you enjoy seeing a page come together quickly, you can just go ahead and watch the process video below. Captions within the video will tell you what products I have used along the way.

…here is how these tags came together…

1 – Within my journal, using Dina Wakley Media gloss sprays, I spray over TCW926 – Bubble Rebound stencil in multiple colors.

2 – I have some large white tags on the ready and print the stencil onto the tags

3 – I repeat this process onto the other side of the journal page and print onto some more tags

4 – Next I grab TCW922 – Ethereal and use the small crosses or flowers and stencil through with TCW9009 – Black Modeling paste at the join of each pair of tags

5 – Now I move back to the journal. I stencil with DWM turquoise heavy body acrylic through TCW246 – Swiss Dots randomly (my favourite stencil!!)

6 -I then use TCW9011 – Matte Gel Medium to collage some great napkins onto the page – this is my journal page, ready for some fun lettering or a quote.

7 – I head back to the tags now and again with the TCW9011 – Matte Gel Medium I use to collage down some pretty floral napkins over my modeling paste stenciling. You can see all the patterns showing through.

8 – Similarly, I use TCW246 – Swiss Dots with DWM Cheddar gloss spray over every tags. The last I print so as not to waste the color and collage over instead.

9 – Dry and trim. Back with some sturdy white card

10 – Use various sprays, markers and watered down TCW9001 – White Gesso to create splatters over the tags as well. Use another journal page to paint off the excess color

I do hope you have enjoyed this walkthrough of how I created these pretty tags and a simple journal page along the way. Hopefully, it gives you some inspiration to create something fun today.

Until next time… Enjoy!
Dani Choate

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