Let the Sun Shine

I realize that many of my most recent projects are set in an mythical, enchanted world. Maybe it’s an escape form the real world right now. The world is upended and our lives are in a state of flux and change. The real world is frightening, so escaping into a world of make believe for a few minutes is for my own mental health. Let the Sun Shine is a reverse canvas that lets you peep into my little enchanted world for yourself.

To create this project, you will need a small canvas. Mine is 8″ x 10″. I added a coat of White Gesso (TCW9001) to the canvas and frame.

To create the background, I used TCW 898 Fancy Mandela and Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste (TCW9004, LOVE this stuff!!) applied with a palette knife .

I added Light and Fluffy Paste to frame, applying it unevenly and rustic with a palette knife.

For background color, I sprayed with a shimmery spray, wiping away color on raised sections.

I added some greenery elements with TCW924 Lush Petals and TCW619 Corncob Etching and a few shades of green paint.

I then painted the frame in a brown acrylic paint, wiping away some of the paint for the rustic look. I added some oxide ink in a pale lavender pink to highlight the frame texture.

To create the sun, I used TCW923 Celestial Sun and the Light and Fluffy paste on a piece of acetate. Before lifting the stencil, I sprayed it with a shimmery spray. this will color the paste areas but not the background.

On the back of the acetate, I added some oxide ink to give some semi-transparent color.

I found an old, tiny embroidery hoop in my stash. I painted it in a rusty color with some aqua accents. I cut out the sun stenciled on the acetate and attached it to the hoop.

I attached the sun assembly to the upper part of the frame.

I have added purchased and found foliage and my own paper mushrooms. You can view my recent video on making the mushrooms here.

The Crafters Workshop provided me with several of the products used for this project, My opinion of these products is entirely my own.

Thanks for joining me today. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Let the Sun Shine

  1. Beautiful! Love the sun on the acetate on the hoop – clever. Thank you for sharing your techniques.

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