Tips and Tricks for Seamless Ink Blending

Hi everyone! It’s Lindsay here from Crafting While Caffeinated Blog and YouTube Channel, and I have an informative video for you today. It’s all about ink blending, specifically tips and tricks for getting that seamless blend! Be sure to watch the video below for all the details, tips, and tricks!

The Video Tutorial

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Tips & Tricks for Seamless Ink Blending

First and foremost, practice makes perfect! That goes with anything, but especially with ink blending. As you practice you will learn the right amount of pressure, you will learn what techniques and tools work best for you, and you will learn alot about how different colors blend together. So PRACTICE!

My second major tip is to break up the white space area with a stencil. This is something that really helps me! When I see a large white space and I know that I have to fill that entire area with color, it intimidates me. BUT, if I break up that area with a stencil, it’s less intimidating and it also gives me a better blend! And a bonus is it add interest and a pretty pattern!

The video above is full of tips and tricks, and I won’t go over all of them here, but one tip I didn’t include in the video is one that I wish I would have. That tip is give yourself room to make mistakes and room to grow. I think this goes for all crafting, cardmaking, etc.

I hope you all enjoyed this video and all of the tips and tricks that I like to use to get that seamless ink blend! If you are interested in the stencil I used today (it’s one of my favorites!), you can find it listed and linked down below! I also used it HERE, so be sure to check out that video as well!

Happy Crafting!!

TCW Design Team Member…Lindsay Adreon (Crafting While Caffeinated)

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2 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for Seamless Ink Blending

  1. Great instructional video. The subject was well thought out and clearly explained while demonstrating. I think even a raw beginner would be able to accomplish this technique seamlessly just from watching this demonstration. Bravo 👏

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