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Hello My Friends,

In this time of solitude and isolation (or social distancing) I have found myself more reflective while still trying to be positive. It’s so easy to become negative and some days it is even harder to be creative.

Instead of creating an art board, I decided to go a step further and create a Spring themed shabby chic art journal. This journal gave me a chance to use sentimental words with beautiful papers that I purchased (digital download) from Calico Collage and of course lots and lots of TCW goodies!!

Here is the full video tutorial below. As a tiny disclaimer, it is a long video, so go grab a cup of your favorite beverage now and join me for some journaling fun:

Finished Art Journal

The finished Art Journal cover can be seen in the photo above. If you watch my video it shows you how to make one of your very own.

Calico Collage Papers and TCW Stencils

First I printed out the digital files from Calico Collage and gathered up lots of stencils. I took the printed pages and folded them in half and organized them into the specific page order I wanted my art journal.

I used PVA Book Binding Glue to glue the Folded pages together to assemble my art journal.

TCW921 Word Stems

Once the glue used to assemble my journal was dry I took Duct Tape and used it to bind my art journal. This gave the journal added stability.

Now the fun really begins because even though the printed pages are beautiful in themselves I wanted to give them an aged, shabby chic look so I took out lots of TCW Stencils and accented all the pages in the art journal.

When I was stenciling the pages I tried to make the paint look random or worn. This effect was achieved by using more than one color at a time and also trying vary the pressure I used when applying the paint. This way parts of the stenciling will look faded.

The Calico Collage digital printouts come in sets that give you enough pages to print out an entire art journal and ephemera including cutouts that will make pockets, envelopes, tags and lots more. I combined several sets to make this journal. In order to adhere all the gorgeous ephemera, I used my TCW Matte Gel Medium and double-sided tape for the pockets and envelopes.

Here you can see how the TCW Stencils accent the pages beautifully.

I used the TCW Matte Gel Medium to make sure all my phrases and butterflies stay on the pages.

I also added some dimensional stickers to the pages.

Here I attached the corner pocket in the fold of the page instead of the outside corner.

All the envelopes were glued into my art journal so that you can flip them up and find a surprise.

For the front cover and the back cover I used cardboard cut to the same size as the cover pages (hint a cereal box works if you don’t have anything). To spruce up both covers I used the TCW Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste mixed with a dab of paint through stencils TCW826 Garden Frame was used for the back cover.

For the front cover I used TCW899 Striped Mandala then to add some softness to the cover pages I used a dry brush and TCW White Gesso. I selected the focal piece and once I was sure of my design I glued everything in place. I then watered down the leftover bit of TCW White Gesso on my palette and splattered droplets onto the front cover. Additionally I decided to antique the edges of the cover and the pages in the journal with Distress Ink Walnut Stain and a sponge applicator.

Please be sure to watch the full video tutorial which goes into greater detail. Again, thank you for letting me share a bit of me with all of you.

Be well,
Connie Shaw
TCW Brand Ambassador and
TCW Signature Designer

Products used:

TCW805 Newport Tiles
TCW826 Garden Frame
TCW851 Dotted Rings
TCW872 Heart Fern
TCW898 Fancy Mandala
TCW899 Striped Mandala
TCW904 Petal Burst
TCW907 Pointelle
TCW909 Quadrangle Fan
TCW910 Vintage Scrolls
TCW913 Lilacs
TCW921 Word Stems
TCW922 Ethereal
TCW925 Natures Circuitry
TCW9001 White Gesso
TCW9004 Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste
TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium
Calico Collage Digital Art Journal Pages and Ephemera
PVA Book Binders Glue
Cardboard for the front and back cover
Duct Tape
Distress Ink Walnut Stain

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