“Every Exit Is An Entry Somewhere Else” – Canvas Decoration

Since being home all day in isolation, I have been on YouTube a lot. And I mean, A LOT! We all know it can happen to the best of us when we are on there – we get sucked into this place where your clicking on videos you normally wouldn’t and that takes you to the next weird video, which leads to even more weird videos. Now you are watching pimples being popped, or cats being scared by cucumbers. Some teenager building a tiny home or how to grow tomatoes in recycled plastic bottles. Not even mentioning the hundreds of hilarious isolation workout videos out there. The internet sure is a weird and wonderful place. But I found a crafter on there who does cardboard art, and I thought it was absolutely wonderful. So don’t knock it will you’ve tried it. Using some of “Dream_Fairy_DIY”‘s projects as inspiration, I created this door on wood Board.

The door represents us all being stuck inside right now, but “Every exit is a entrance somewhere else.” Then this is all over we will all be thankful for all the things we have been taking for granted all these years.

You can view the full tutorial video here:

For this project you will need:

First off, grab a piece of cardboard and draw out a door shape, according to your size canvas board, then cut it out. The type of door I am going for here is perhaps somewhere a fairy would live. So find the place this door unlocks for you, and build on that.

Cardboard with door drawn out.

Now draw some vertical line on the door, to make wooden planks. Cut these out too. Make them wobbly so they don’t look perfect.

Cardboard door but out with planks drawn on.

Next work on the wooden board or canvas. I am reusing one today. I am using TCW Light and Fluffy Modelling paste with TCW5000 Cookie stencil to create a brick pattern on the wall. I am not doing the middle part, because that’s where the door will be.

Light and fluffy Modeling paste
Light and fluffy modeling paste with TCW5000 brick pattern on canvas.

No that the brick pattern is on there and dry, creating some lovely texture, I can add the door. I stick this down using TCW Gloss Gel Medium. (You can use matte too, this was just the first one I grabbed.)

TCW Gloss Gel Medium
Cut out door stuck to brick pattern canvas.

I add 2 side horizontal planks to the door, so it looks more “door-like”

Horizontal planks attached to door.

I also cut out small half circle like stones for around the door and stick them on. When I am happy with the layout of the door, I take some gel medium and water to create a very thin milk like consistency, and then cover the door and all the stones with tissue paper and this gel medium mixture.

Doing this will ensure the structure is stuck together, create some creases, which will add to the overall wood texture, and make the card board edges smoother.

Image covered in tissue paper.

Once this is try, continue to paint a thin layer of TCW Black gesso on the entire background. Gesso is a good base to use, because other paints will adhere easily to it.

TCW Black Gesso.
Project covered in Black gesso.

If you have some enamel dots, use then on the horizontal planks to give the illusion of nails. Paint them with the black gesso also.

Enamel dots applied to vertical planks.

Now start laying down your paint. I used a makeup sponge to paint the entire piece, but use what feels comfortable to you.

Use colors that fit with your story. I made the walls to dark the first go, and decided to brighten it up more. If your were unhappy with the paint job, just lay down more black gesso, dry and repeat.

Color added to project.

I just add some more magic to the page by sponging on some golds, bronze and TCW Shimmery Goodness. I had some tiny gears from a very old kit that I was able to use for the door nob, but you can get creative here.

I love how this turned out. My 3 year old really likes it, and believes that fairies live there. Wonderful to be able to spark magic!

I hope you enjoyed this project today, and got inspired to create something similar

Finished project.

Here are some other door ideas to inspire you.

Till next time friends 🙂

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One thought on ““Every Exit Is An Entry Somewhere Else” – Canvas Decoration

  1. What a great, unique project. Really refreshing to see something out of the ordinary executed so well. 🙏

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