How I Used TCW’s New Mixed Media Boards

Hi everyone! Did you know that TCW has Mixed Media Boards? They are so cool. You can use them for wet media, paint, ink, watercolor, paste, collage and everything in between! Today I used them for a mixed media canvas using the new TCW915 Hibiscus and TCW920 Tropical Fonds stencils designed by Carmen Medlin.

The Crafters Workshop provided me with stencils and mediums to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own because I do love to use them.

I started by adding TCW9001 White Gesso to the board. You don’t have to add gesso but I wanted to add some texture to the background. Next I started adding Tropical Fonds to the background starting with acrylic paint in various shades of green.

Tropical Fonds in shades of green
Tropical Fonds in shades of green

When the green paint dried I continued to add the stencil but with shades of blue acrylic paint.

Tropical fonds in shades of blue
Tropical fonds in shades of blue

I finished the background and added the Hibiscus flower to the board with TCW9005 Modeling Paste. I waited for the paste to dry and then I painted the flower in white gesso.

Painted the Hibiscus flower with white gesso
Painted the Hibiscus flower with white gesso

The gesso dried and I painted the flowers in shades of pink and green.

Hibiscus flowers painted in pink and greens.

To finish the painting I took my favorite tool, sandpaper, and sanded the painting. I could have added white for highlights but it was so much fun to sand it. Here is the finished painting.

You can add a lot of paint to the boards. It will warp a little but when dry it lays completely flat. They are light weight and can be framed.

I can’t wait to see what you create with them. You can share it with us on our Facebook pageInstagram, Twitter, and Pinterest using hashtag #tcwstencillove.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Karenliz Henderson
The Crafters Workshop Design Team

5 thoughts on “How I Used TCW’s New Mixed Media Boards

    1. Hey Helen, it really depends on how thick you apply the paste. If you only apply it as thick as the stencil itself, it will only be a slight bit raised. However, you can apply the paste very thick and textured for even more dimension.

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