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Thanks for joining me today crafties and TCW Fans!

A massive perk of being on the TCW Design team is that I get all the latest and greatest stencils and products to play with. I feel like a kid in a candy shop right now, and the inspiration is just flowing after a long creative dry spell for me. Sometimes all it takes is to get some new supplies I guess! (if you missed the hint, I’m justifying your reason to go buy some new supplies)

In our design team box, we got some BRAND NEW TCW Mixed media Boards to play with. I was instantly drawn to using it, and so this is what I will show you today.

If you want to catch the process video, you can click below to view:

Get your mixed media board out, and add some Ken Oliver – Color Bursts to your board or page. Go with whatever color combinations makes you happy. Ken Oliver and TCW have partnered up and put some combinations together that is tried and tested to work well with each other. I chose the Trio Unicorn Magic today and used all 3 colors together.

Sprinkle them on your TCW Mixed Media Board and then spray the powder with water.

TOP TIP: These boards are very sturdy, so you can go nuts on the water spraying without them buckling.

Make sure you dry this completely before moving on to the next step.

TOP TIP: Color bursts will always reactivate, unless you seal it somehow using gel medium, acrylic paints, varnish sprays ect.

Now I want to add some texture and interest to the background. Today I will add some white acrylic paints through a stencil – TCW 924 – Lush Petals. Keeping in mind that white acrylic paint will reactivate the colorbursts and make a muted color, I like the subtle effective look.

Gorgeous right?

Now lets work on the focal point. I chose the new stencil called TCW923 – Celestial sun and firstly based out the stencil in black acrylic paint. I wanted a very subtle shadow effect, but you can skip this step and go straight into your pastes.

I used a mix of TCW White Pearl Modeling Paste (This stuff is amazing) and TCW Grecian Gold Modeling Paste over the TCW923 – Celestial Sun Stencil to give it that ethereal look.

TOP TIP: Don’t mix the two pasts together, rather use them in overlapping patches for this effect. Play around and see what works for you.

It’s starting to come together now.

To make the sun’s face stand out a bit more, I mix some white acrylic paint with water, to a thin milky consistency, and carefully paint inside the face. This will mute the brightness of the background pattern and make it seem solid, and separate from the background. She also got some soft pink cheeks.

Let’s add a bit more to this background now. I reach for TCW922 – Ethereal and some Archival ink – Majestic Violet, and ink some text to the background. I only add it subtly amounts to give a hint of the text.

Very happy with the result, I just add one more thing. A border. I use the same Archival ink and apply it to the edges of the mixed media board to make a border. I love this peace. How about you?

I hope you had fun playing with me today, and got inspired to create.

Till next time friends 🙂

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One thought on “Celestial Sun | Mixed Media Board

  1. I love this, too! Very inspiring & unique techniques; the gold and pearl pastes together are making me think of trying other combos, too.

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