Learn how to create beautiful butterfly people figures

Hey there friend.

I am so honored to be back for a new year, creating for The Crafter’s workshop. I hope you will enjoy the content I bring to the table and play along with me on this colorful journey.

Lets get started with today’s art journal page.

**The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some products to create this project. The opinions I share, however, are solely my own. :)***

If you want to view the process you can click on the video below:

I wanted to represent my little family in these pages, so today I am doing that by making these 3 figures. Mommy, daddy and baby. It’s very simple figures, but I think it’s so powerful in the picture it paints.

I started off by using a page that I cleaned my stencils off on. For this I used 2 stencils :

I used bright colors like pink, blue and lime, but still retaining some of the white blank page, so it’s not overly busy.

Journal page with Hot pink, lime green and light blue stenciling of dotted pattern.  Some white blank page is still visible. #TCW851Dottedring #TCW853Circletile

Next, I created a border using masking tape and then proceeded to paint inside the border using a hot pink color.

Masking tape around the inner part of the page, exposing a border being painted in Hot Pink.  Pattern from the stenciling still visible. #border #patternpaper #smalljournal

Once dried, I draw out my figures in pencil and then start painting around the figures using TCW9016 Heavy Body Acrylic Paint – Spun sugar. I also added a craft paint in a sand color the background.

I let this dry a bit and then add TCW9022 Heavy Body Acrylic Paint – Grape Jelly in a dry brush method. If the purple gets too dark, I add more white or sand color.

3 figures and a heart drawn out, and painted around the figures with white, sand and purple color leaving the pattern figures and heart exposed with pink border.
#figurepeople #heart

Once I am happy with this, I add some Stabilo all in black around the figures and also use some paint over pens to doodle around and inside the figures.

To make the butterfly Wings I use a stencil set with butterflies, and stamp half of it using a black archival ink, each wing to the side of the heads, making the butterfly wing effect.

Butterfly wings being stamped around the figures to create wings.
#stamping #butterfly #wings #figures

Lastly, I just add a bit more of the pencil around the wings to create that 3d shadow effect and add some white posca paint pen for highlight.

Page done, details added like highlights and shadows.  Al 3 figures have wings added  and one figure has a small heart in its belly.
#familylove #familyfigures #butterflyfigures #artjournalpage

I hope you had fun with this project, and try to create something of your own. It’s so much fun to play like this!

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Close up of first figure with butterfly wings and heart.
Close up of smaller baby figure and bottom part of 2nd figure.

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