3 Ways to Color Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste

Hi everyone! It’s Lindsay, from Crafting While Caffeinated Blog & YouTube Channel here with you today and I have three ways to color your Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste. Two of these techniques will work for just about all of your mediums if you want to add a little color, too! You can keep reading below for all of the details!


The first way to color your Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste is super easy and all you need is a dye (or water based) ink pad. I used my Catherine Pooler ink pad in Flirty Fuschia, dabbed the ink pad on a laminated piece of card stock and mixed in the light and fluffy with a palette knife. It’s really important to mix thouroughly and make sure you aren’t left with any white streaks. Also, because the paste is white, it will change the color a bit when mixing. For mine it changed from a bright purple to a hot pink. I put the newly colored paste through the Layered Wallpaper Stencil and finished my card once it had dried!

Ink pads work really well, but if you have liquid watercolors or dye reinkers (again, waterbased) they mix in really well as well and you can mix to create your own custom colors like I did on my next card. I mixed in two shades of liquid watercolor to create a nice bright yellow.

Another tip too, you can add embossing powder over the top of the wet paste and it will stick! I used a clear irridescent to just add a glittery look, but you can use any color you have on hand!Even clear will work to add some shine! With the Light Fluffy Modeling Paste, you can wait for it to dry and then heat emboss, which will keep the nice smooth, but raised texture or you can heat set while the paste is still wet for a fun look too! I did that here and you can see the stars REALLY puff up!!

And if you don’t want to mix anything into the paste, you don’t have to! For my last card I actually put the paste through my stencil without adding anything at all. I allowed it to dry and then applied ink over the top of the paste. This will color the cardstock around the paste, too, but you end up with a darker color on the cardstock and a lighter color on the raised areas. This creates such a cool look!!

And can you tell I am LOVING using the new Cake & Cookie stencils on my projects?? I know they are food grade and once you use them in your craft room, with inks and what not, you really don’t want to use them in your food creations, but I honestly couldn’t pass up some of the patterns!

I hope you all enjoyed a little look at three (really 4!) ways you can color the Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste from The Crafter’s Workshop! If you are interested in any of the TCW products I used on my cards today, you can find them all listed and linked down below. Happy Crafting!!

Lindsay Adreon – TCW Design Team Member

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