my soul tree

hello everyone!

today i am just here to share with you a  little project i created that is so near and dear to my heart.. one of those special pieces. This project contains a picture of ‘my tree’ and a piece of her wood.  for some unknown unexplained reason this tree holds a huge part of my soul and fulfills me every time i see her… anyway, you are not here for the background of the picture but the project!!! so here it goes…

i started off by cutting and layering some of the worn wallpaper bits onto an insert of an old frame i had (it is a quite heavy piece of board so i knew it could take lots of substance on it!) once that was done i covered the whole thing in collage medium vintage and set it aside to dry (it didn’t take long!)  unfortunately i am still (and probably never will) understand the ins and outs of ‘photo’ on my computer. i know i had taken pictures but alas i can’t find them…

so let’s just move on to the next steps okay!

while it was drying i chose one of the larger collage frames and added some tiny text remnant rubs to it and then covered with some collage medium once again vintage. i also stamped my frame with script prior to covering it with vintage collage medium

i had this old vintage frame that i have from my grandmothers place from years ago and have been saving it for a very special picture…. this is that picture…..then i added an eyelet screw to the bottom of my vintage wooden frame and using a heavy glue attached it to the front of my collage frame. i then wrapped a piece of my tree with some wire and attached it to the eyelet screw

now i wanted to add some texture to my frame.. i liked it as it was but it just needed that little bit of extra something so i used some clear textured paste and a TCW stencil and covered the outside edges of my frame

once that was dry i then layered some white paint and once covered sprayed the whole thing with water and then dabbed away most of the paint.

it was cool but just not quite the effect i was looking for… and then it hit me as i was drinking my coffee .. diana use some archival ink and rub across the texture of the stencil and that is exactly what i did!

and now i absolutely love it. i then assembled the whole thing using popdots and some hot glue and here you have my finished piece

if you ever get to visit the Grand Canyon, please say hi to her for me… she is found just off the beaten path a bit but is so easy to get to

until next time my friends,

diana hetherington
Design Team Member


The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share here are solely my own.

TCW supplies used
TCW774 – Tuscan Floral
TCW9008 – clear modelling paste



4 thoughts on “my soul tree

  1. Hi Diana, this is beautiful! I know exactly what you mean as I have a ‘thing’ for trees too 🙂 xx

  2. Beautiful, both the tree and the finished piece……..for some reason this has really touched me.

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