Top Tips for working with Modeling Paste and Gesso

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to the inspiration blog! It’s Alexandra from The Hedgehog Hollow here today and I have been working on a back to basic series.  As the Hollow grows I have been teaching new members of the Prickle so techniques and its easy to forget how many lessons you learn in 10 years and how many things have gone wrong! In that vein I have made a video today on my tips for modeling paste and gesso, what are the differences, when to use each and the best ways to apply them plus much more!  Without further ado let’s go…

I hope that has inspired you to give it a go in your crafting whether you are a stamper or mixed media artist; or if you are more seasoned maybe it gave you a reminder on how versatile these mediums are.  Here is a supply list if you wish to add to your collection… (affiliate links may be used at no additional cost to you)

Thanks so much for joining me, check back often for more inspiration from the design team.  I am off to pack some more monthly boxes before bed!

Happy Stamping!

Alexandra & The Prickle

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