Winter Feather Card

Today’s project is made with creamy TCW acrylic paints, 3 TCW stencils and my Gel Press plate. By building layer upon layer upon layer, I created a beautiful, wintry card.

Note: I am a Design Team member for The Crafter’s Workshop; however, even though I use and love their products, all opinions are solely my own.

TCW acrylic paints: TCW9016 Spun Sugar, TCW9023 Blueberry Pie
TCW stencils: TCW737 Love Sonnet, TCW720 Snowflakes,
JBS117 Feathers
Gel Press plate, brayer

To begin, I mixed Spun Sugar and Blueberry Pie to make a light blue, and brayered that onto the Gel Press plate.

I pulled my first print and then reapplied the paint, but this time I laid the snowflake stencil on top of the paint before pulling a print.







I continued creating layers by adding paint to the gel plate, pulling a print, etc until I achieved the muted colors I wanted. Next, I brayered blueberry pie onto the plate, laid down Love Sonnet, and pulled a print. (You will notice that the stencil words are backwards. By laying the stencil backwards, this ensured the words would be correct on the pulled print.)


As before, I created a few more layers by adding paint and pulling prints to get the desired muted color.

I cleaned the plate by pulling the unwanted paint off with different papers before then brayering on Spun Sugar. I laid the snowflake stencil down, and pulled a print.


Once again, I cleaned the plate by pulling off the unwanted paint with different papers before brayering Blueberry Pie onto the plate. I then laid the feather stencil down and pulled a print.


Next, I laid the feather stencil onto my print to hide everything except the feathers, and splattered on watered down spun sugar.


To finish, I adhered the painted wooden word onto the square-cut print, and adhered the print onto a folded paper to make my finished card. See the featured image above.

These are pictures of the papers which I used to clean the unwanted paint off the Gel Press plate. They will certainly be used in other artwork.

Tips when using the Gel Press gel plate:

1.) If you pull a print with something you don’t like, say backwards words, just pull another print over the top of it. That’s the beauty of the process. You can build layer upon layer and have a beautiful print in the end.

2.) So as to not waste it, pull off unwanted paint with other papers, which you can then use in your art work. Bonus!!

3.) Practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged your first time out; keep going.

It’s the end of year art friends. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And in the meantime, try to squeeze some art time into your life!

See you in 2018,

Patty 😉

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