I know, I know, it’s only November 1st, but it’s not too early to be thinking about Christmas. Today I’ve got an easy way to give a fun tag with each wrapped gift. For this project, I used both the large and small Ornaments stencil and the large Christmas Tree stencil to make gift tags that I shrank! Let’s get started.

Note: I am a Design Team member for The Crafter’s Workshop; however, even though I use and love their products, all opinions are solely my own.

TCW Stencils & Mixed Media Products:
TCW717 Ornaments stencil, TCW719 Christmas Tree stencil
TCW9013 Iridescent Gold & TCW9015 Black Licorice paint
Grafix: Shrink Film in both white & super sanded (which is clear)
ribbon; jump rings, bells – optional

I began by sponging some iridescent gold through the stencil. I let the paint dry a little and then cut the ornaments out. I punched a hole using a 1/4” hole punch for the large ornaments and a 1/8” for the small ones to thread ribbons through. It will look like there isn’t much paint on the ornament, but once it shrinks, the color will become darker as you can see in the photo below. The small ornaments, which have been shrunk, were the same size as the large one.

I shrank each ornament, one at a time, using an embossing gun. I placed the ornament in a box to contain it, and started heating. The ornaments will curl up and you will think they are ruined, but don’t worry, they will unfold; and if they do get a little stuck, you can gently unstick them, but be aware they are HOT! I used a dry emboss tool to manipulate them while heating.

Here are some pics of the finished ornaments. In this picture, I have included the large and small ones. The black ones were made from the clear super sanded film, and I painted the backs black after shrinking them to make the gold stand out better. If your ribbon won’t go through the holes in the smaller ones, add a jump ring first. Also, you can write on the backs of the ornaments with a Sharpie; and FYI, in case you mess up, hair spray will take off the Sharpie and you’re good to try again.

Before it was heated, the small tree on the right was the size of the stencil on the left. So fun!!

Below are some pictures of the finished presents wrapped and decorated with their gift tags.

I think this Shrink Film is the closest thing to real magic that an artist can do. It’s so fun to watch it shrink to itty bitty art. Thanks for dropping by The Crafter’s Workshop blog. You can also scoot over to my blog at Like I always say, “Art in the Studio makes every day a good day.”

Until next time, keep making art friends!

Patty 😉


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