Have a Beautiful Day

Kim Schofield, Modeling Paste, Card, FinishedGreetings crafty friends! Kim here with you today to share a quick and easy card that features the beautiful texture of modeling paste, vibrant colors of the new TCW paints, and the foliage of Marlene’s gorgeous stencil. I’m sharing step-by-step photos of my project so let’s get started!

Kim Schofield, Modeling Paste, Card, SuppliesI’m using a 4.75 ” x 4.75″ piece of Strathmore Mixed Media paper as the base for my card. I also be using the Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste, a variety of TCW paints, and Liquidtex Glazing Liquid.

Kim Schofield, Modeling Paste Card, PasteI began by applying the modeling paste through the stencil using a pallet knife. Carefully remove the stencil and set aside until completely dry. (You can use a heat gun to speed up the process)

Kim Schofield, Modeling Paste Card, TCW690, GlazeNext, mix up equal parts glazing liquid and acrylic paint. For the background glaze, I used Dina Wakley’s Umber paint. It’s my favorite brown. Apply the glaze over the entire background and let sit for a minute or two. (The glazing liquid slows down the drying time and makes the acrylic paint more transparent)

Kim Shofield, Modeling Paste Card, TCW690, Glaze OffUse a baby wipe, or many baby wipes, to remove the paint until you achieve your desired look. Using a clean baby wipe will remove more of the color. Love that grunge!

Kim Shofield, Modeling Paste Card, Stencil, TCW690Now put the stencil back over the dry paste. It should fit snugly over the raised areas. Use painters tape to hold the stencil securely in place.

Kim Schofield, Modeling Paste Card, PaintUsing a stencil brush or foam and a variety of acrylic paints, add color to your creation. Keep the brush or foam as dry as possible to avoid paint squishing under the stencil. Use white paint to add highlights or mix paint colors for shading.

Kim Schofield, Modeling Paste Card, CompletedRemove the stencil and enjoy your handiwork! I had a few spots where the paint seeped under the stencil, but I just used a baby wipe and extra umber paint to cover those spots. I mounted my piece on a 5″ x 5″ top folding card and added a sentiment. This was a great project that came together quickly and would also make a great art journal background. I hope you were inspired! Happy Crafting!

TCW Acrylic Paints
Summer Burst – TCW690
Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste

5 thoughts on “Have a Beautiful Day

  1. This is truly stunning and I am so happy to see you used my stamp sentiment from Sweet ‘n Sassy Stamps! It’s a joy to see my stamp designs come to life with such beautiful projects! Crafty hugs. -Gracie.

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