Hello folks, Nancy here, and welcome to a tutorial for a New Year themed art journal page.

It’s been very cold here in New Hampshire…the “I hope my car will start” kind of cold. So I knew before I began this page that I’d go for a “cool” palette and use blues for the background.

Completed art journal page with TCW652 and TCW2147 LEFKO

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

Supplies Used:

140 lb watercolor journal

12″ x 12″ Corazon stencil TCW652

6″ x 9″ Trust Your Heart stencil TCW2147

masking tape

Acrylic paint: pale blue, deep periwinkle, robin’s egg blue, plum

Gold Gesso TCW9003

baby wipes

foam brushes/spouncers

markers: white gel pen, black gel pen and black fine line

fluid chalk ink: blackberry

Supplies for journal page TCW2147 LEFKO


Apply acrylic paints in blue tones to art journal page with foam brush. Blend with baby wipe to create soft edges.

Blend acrylic paint with a baby wipe LEFKO

 Blue acrylics for background LEFKO

Center Corazon stencil on page and affix with masking tape. Use spouncer with scant amount of deep periwinkle and then plum acrylic paint to add color through stencil. Apply in a circular manner. Allow to dry.

Affix stencil TCW652 to journal page LEFKO

Acrylic paint through TCW652 stencil LEFKO

Use scant amount of gold gesso on spouncer directly over stenciled image to add sheen. Apply in an up and down pouncing motion.

Gold gesso over stenciled image TCW652 LEFKO

Gold gesso shimmer on stenciled image TCW652 LEFKO

Affix Trust Your Heart stencil (with masking tape) to bottom of page and use black fine line marker to fill in sentiment.

Affix TCW2147 stencil over heart LEFKO

Fill sentiment "Trust Your Heart" with black fine line marker LEFKO

With white gel pen and Trust Your Heart stencil add small hearts over large plum heart.

Use white gel pen to add hearts to large heart with stencil TCW2147 LEFKO

Trace around stenciled flowers with black gel pen.

Trace around TCW652 stencil with black gel pen LEFKO

Use white gel pen to add accents to the stenciled image. Trace around the letters that are on top of plum heart to make them stand out.

Add an application of blackberry fluid chalk ink to the edges of the page as a frame.

White gel pen accents on stenciled image LEFKO

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and make a resolution that fills your new year with love and peace.

Completed art journal page with TCW652 and TCW2147 LEFKO

Happy New Year!

Nancy Lefko

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

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