Monoprinting Coasters with Stencils!

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Hi TCW fans, it's Milagros visiting again!  A few years ago a magazine called Paper Trends in their Vintage edition published a set of coasters I had made as a gift! I decided to revisit the humble chipboard coasters with a different technique!

This is perfect to celebrate the holiday weekend!

Taking advantage of having a circular gel press plate and 3 different Rebekah Meier lace stencils I decided to do a dozen coasters, 4 of each style!

You can go with any palette of your choosing. I’m working with Dina Wakley acrylic paints in yellow and fuchsia


TCW640s  Ring Doily

TCW644s  Daisy Chain

TCW643s Infinite Lace

Click on this link here to check out How to Make Monoprint Coasters With TCW Stencils! by Milagros C Rivera on Snapguide.

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